Putting Marketing Data to Work

Since 2002, the eMetrics Summit has provided marketing professionals with practical, tactical insights on using data to optimize marketing.

Marketing will always depend on killer creative, but even baseball is improved with analytics. eMetrics is where you can:

  • Get up to speed on measuring and improving your marketing
  • Become more valuable to your company and/or clients
  • Make a significant, quantifiable difference
  • Further your career

The eMetrics Summit is a diverse community of online marketing professionals, sharing unique ways to glean and apply marketing insight from data.

I ask my speakers to focus on the day-to-day, get-‘er-done tasks that marketing people need to know about – rather than pontificating about how marvelous the future is and how we’re all going to be data scientists and machine learning AI’s will cook our breakfast and brush our teeth.

These speakers deliver the practical, tactical goods rather than the thought-leadership buzzwords. Come learn what you need to know and how to make it happen

– Jim Sterne

I had such a great time. I enjoyed the content and was able to learn something new

I had such a great time. I enjoyed the content and was able to learn something new, get good tips, and make a new connection from each session.

Kelly Peterson, Macy’s

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It’s great to come together with other professionals in one space

It’s great to come together with other professionals in one space and talk about all the challenges we face with analytics and data collection. eMetrics did a great job of facilitating this!

Kishan Persaud Nutrisystem Inc.

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eMetrics demonstrated the near term actionable future

eMetrics demonstrated the near term actionable future. Those who do not rise to the responsibility of owning their own DNA will flounder both personally and professionally.

Miles Rose SiliconAlley

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Thanks for a great couple of (eMetrics) days

Thanks for a great couple of (eMetrics) days, listened to and participated in some great conversations and as a bonus took some things away that I’ll be putting into the day job.

Kelly McClean Tesco

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I attended my first eMetrics early in my analytics career

I attended my first eMetrics early in my analytics career, back when the industry big-shots were just normal guys, and we all fit into one room for dinner. I can’t think of a better way for a new analyst to launch a productive and effective career. Now, as an established industry professional responsible for developing a large global team, I still attend eMetrics, sometimes in more than one country a year, but this time to identify and foster high-level partnerships between organizations that can launch productive and effective collaborations. Finding young talent who might help take my team to the next level is an extra bonus.

David Rhee, Global Marketing Analytics, adidas group

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It was wonderful

It was wonderful — I came back with lots of new ideas and energized to move ahead on a number of initiatives. I really like the mixture of big successes in the keynotes with the smaller sessions that are more focused on inquiry and process. You have put together a winning formula. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to participate in this terrific event.

City Square Consulting

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This experience opened my eyes

This experience opened my eyes to a wide range of Web analytics measurements that go far beyond page views, unique visitors, and clickthroughs. I now believe that Web analytics is best served by a combination of metrics sources, including even “soft” measures such as buzz monitors (which I learned about there). Since attending eMetrics,, I have subscribed to a number of RSS feeds of blogs, forums, and news — all about Web analytics. I look forward to reading them almost daily, and learn something every time I do.

Team Lead, IBM developerWorks Web Analytics

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