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Emetrics Summit: The Big Picture

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Web Analytics Association
Training Day
Sunday, October 15, 2006

On the heels of its great success with the online courses given through the University of British Columbia, the WAA is bringing an overview of the Introduction to Web Analytics course to the physical classroom. Your instructors are people who have been doing web analytics for years, people who have been involved with the WAA from the beginning and people who have helped numerous clients understand the fundamentals of tracking clickthroughs, pageviews and revenues.

Today's organizations know the importance of the Internet for supporting sales and marketing, facilitating orders and supplies across the value chain, and reinforcing the corporate brand and market position. To achieve truly productive results online, business managers need a solid grounding about the strategies and tactics that support web analytics.

Attend this one day, 5-session workshop and be well positioned to get the most from the jam-packed Emetrics Summit that follows. Return to your workplace primed to put everything you’ll have learned into practice, immediately.

Keynote 1: The Big Picture
Monday, October 16, 2006

Jim Sterne, President, Target Marketing

Just what does it mean to measure the success of your website? How many ways are there to evaluate your evolution, gauge your growth and appraise accomplishments? Jim will share the most important lessons learned from his focus on web marketing for the past thirteen years and his focus on web marketing optimization for the past seven years.

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Time-Life Success Story

Brad Sockloff, VP of eCommerce, Time-Life

Time-Life worked with Optimost to conduct multivariable testing on the product page of their website. In this informative case study, you'll learn how the test was performed and find out how seemingly minor changes led to significant increases in response rate.

Keynote 2: Tools Don't Matter
Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Duane Schulz, VP of Corporate Internet Marketing for Xerox Corp

Duane Schulz has an extensive background in business intelligence and is currently responsible for Internet marketing at Xerox. Schulz will provide advice, examples and wisdom garnered from years of how measuring web activity can yield corporationmoving insights. Attendees will learn how Schulz manages customer-facing web and e-commerce applications across Xerox and how they can apply his strategies within their own companies.

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Online Marketing Optimization: How to Take Action on Your Marketing Metrics

Matt Belkin, Vice President, Best Practices Group, Omniture

The world of online marketing continues to evolve as consumers begin to interact with businesses through emerging technologies. Learning how to leverage these new avenues of customer interaction, anticipate market trends and develop targeted strategies is key to running a successful online business. This presentation will demonstrate the most effective ways to measure the impact of Web 2.0 technologies on companies' business objectives--and more importantly--discuss the types of actions to take to improve online marketing efficiency.

Keynote 3: A Coca-Cola Case Study
Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tim Goudie, Group Manager, Interactive Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company

Tim Goudie’s expertise lies in strategic Internet Marketing implementation and activation on a global scale. At Coca-Cola, he is tasked with helping the company implement Internet marketing strategies into the larger media mix. Through a combination of strategic thinking and knowledge of technological developments, Tim’s techniques are steeped in metrics and measurement to prove the value associated with interactive marketing. Tim’s presentation will reveal his key learnings as his company entered into the new media landscape. Attendees will learn how to apply Internet marketing to their overall marketing efforts, how to work with IT, plot out key performance indicators and more.

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Google Analytics

Brett Crosby, Senior Manager, Google Analytics

Google Analytics radically changed the face of the web analytics industry when it launched the first and only free enterprise-class product on the market. Hear what happened, where we are today and where the industry is headed when Brett Crosby discusses some of the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Followed by:

Correlating Multi-Channel Data To Optimize Across the Enterprise

James W. MacIntyre, CEO and Co-Founder, Visual Sciences

While the Web is a key part of any business strategy, for multi-channel enterprises it is just one piece of the puzzle. How is your self-service website impacting the level of calls to your support center? How do you synthesize the point-of-sale data from your stores with your ecommerce shopping metrics? Today, optimal business performance requires understanding the interaction between offline and online channels and integrating the data across both. In this session, you will learn how to grow your ROI by centrally managing and analyzing customer data across the enterprise.

Public Sector Track

Don't sell direct? Tired of hearing about improving the shopping cart experience? Then this track is for you. Government, non-profit, public sector and corporate communications professionals will want to tune into measuring that which does not have a price tag attached.

Alex Langshur, Hillwatch - moderator

Marketing Optimization Track

Marketing is not a brochure - it's a series of customer processes. So many processes, so little time:

Business Implementation Track

Successfully measuring your online marketing takes so much more than technology: Getting buy-in from above and below, publishing meaningful reports, creating a web optimization team with the requisite skills & talents are crucial to success.

*** - Moderator

Data Capture & Integration Track

Data capture, cleansing, integration, reporting--there's a great deal of technical ground to cover before you even start to realize website ROI. And did we mention cookies, proxies, firewalls and CRM systems?

Robbin Steif, LunaMetrics - Moderator

Web Performance Monitoring Track

How well is your server serving? How much does a slow application tarnish your customer experience online? Here's where the IT wizards have a tangible impact on the bottom line. This is the track for optimizing the technology that customers see and your brand depends on.

Voice of the Customer Track

If you don’t listen to your customers to measure satisfaction and loyalty, you’re missing half the picture. How do you manage customer feedback and consumer generated content?

Neil Mason, Foviance< - Moderator

Neil is one of the world's leading analytics guru's and he has a big reputation. He holds an MBA from Kingston Business School, a Diploma in Business and Economic Forecasting and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Web Analytics Association, the global industry body for digital analytics professionals.

Success Tactics Track

Tips and tricks and personal experience are invaluable - but so is getting up close and personal with the tools of the trade. This track allows the vendors of web measurement software vendors, customer survey companies and a variety of service companies to show how they can help.

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