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Emetrics Summit: The Big Picture

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Business Implementation Track

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Successfully measuring your online marketing takes so much more than technology: Getting buy-in from above and below, publishing meaningful reports, creating a web optimization team with the requisite skills & talents are crucial to success.

*** - Moderator

Business Implementation 1: Building the Team and Making Them Indispensable

A: The Web Optimization Team

Ani Kortikar, Netramind

What makes a great web team? The cross functional nature of web site optimization means you need to combines the roles of web designer, copywriter, search analyst & analytics with IT services, project management. How will you handle team building and the politics of ownership?

B: How to Get eBusiness into the Heart of Your Business

Sam Decker, Bazaarvoice

Many web teams find themselves outside of the 'cultural core' of the company, frustrated with lack of awareness, understanding and funding. Analytics combined with effective change management principles can bring your team into the heart of your organization. Real world principles, strategies and tips will help your company embrace effective change leadership to get senior management buy-in, functional cooperation, executive attention with metrics, and leverage web analytics and the customer voice to evolve your culture into an analytics competitor.

Business Implementation 2: Industry Analyst Panel

Megan Burns, Forrester Research, Inc.
Gregory Dowling, JupiterResearch
Bill Gassman, Gartner

The Web Analytics industry is growing, the technology is advancing and end user needs are changing. Between IPO's, acquisitions and mergers, it's hard to tell the players without a program. The three top industry research firms gather to compare notes and answer questions. Take a look at the web analytics industry and it's future through the eyes for those with their fingers on the pulse and data to back up their opinions.

Business Implementation 3: The Web Analytics Business Process

Eric Peterson, Visual Sciences

The pace at which companies invest in web analytics technology far outpaces the rate at which these same companies truly benefit from the data said technology is able to provide. Despite the best intentions, most companies still struggle mightily with the business process of web analytics. Research highlights in great detail the relationship between ad hoc analytics and poor ROI, especially after companies successfully clear the low hanging fruit from their websites.

Business Implementation 4: The Business End of Web Success

A: World Class Web Analytics -- How To Get There

Josh Manion, Stratigent

Create a world class web analytics operation for your organization. Understand the progression firms go through as they move from just getting started with web analytics to being at the forefront of the industry and what specific actions your organization can take to advance its use of web analytics. Josh will present the findings of his recent research and share a case study of the evolution of a company's web analytics capabilities.

B: Managing a Metrics-Driven Marketing Team

Sean Ellis, LogMeIn

At LogMeIn, they constantly test innovative marketing approaches with a firm commitment to measure everything and reinvest in ideas that yield a positive ROI. Since LogMeIn has received over $20 million in venture funding, there are always plenty of funds to support effective marketing approaches. This gives Sean an opportunity to manage the business of a metrics-driven marketing team.

Business Implementation 5: Leveraging Strategic Web Analytics to Drive Incremental Profit

Yosi Heber, Oxford Hill Partners

Marketers are becoming more accountable for ROI. Currently available web analytic tools are important and useful, but they are fairly narrow in scope because they measure only a 10-20% slice of the strategic and revenue driving landscape. In addition, the data is often complex, and not very actionable. To convince senior management to spend more money on web asset investment, marketers need to go beyond basic customer satisfaction reports, click stream/traffic movement data, and search rankings. They must begin to focus on eight strategic revenue driver categories. Yosi will explain each of them, briefly illustrate each with a real case study (mainly B2C, but also some B2B), and explain how to apply this new and refreshing strategic approach to their own businesses so senior management can finally “get it”.

Business Implementation 6: Creating a Data Driven Web Decision Making Culture: Lessons, Tips, Insights

Avinash Kaushik, Intuit

Web tools are a dime a dozen, terabytes of web data is instantly available yet most web organizations are not truly "data driven" in terms of taking actions. So how do you create a true data driven decision making culture, one in which data is the source of insights and not gut-feel? Avinash shares insights learned from the front lines, helping manage decision making across fifty plus websites.

Business Implementation 7: New Measurements for New Media

Rex Briggs, Marketing Evolution

Old measurement systems were not designed to measure fragmented media. We needed to develop a new system of measurement to address the complexity of the new media landscape. Learn about Powerful ROI Accuracy, to help you create the ability to separate out the effect of each marketing element with great precision. Find out how real-time learning can help you make decisions today, not ‘rear-view mirror analysis’ that only becomes available after it is too late to do anything about it.

Business Implementation 8: Optimizing the Team to Drive Radical Business Improvement

Mike Minchew, Electronic Data Systems

Over the past four years, Mike Minchew has led the eds.com team in a sweeping website transformation from brochure-ware to an award-winning, integral facet of EDS mission-critical business infrastructure that showcases EDS commitment to customers, employees, partners and investors. This session gives a tactical view of how Mike and his team took eds.com from etoys to etools.

Business Implementation 9: Metrics-Based Web Search

Mike Moran, IBM

Whether you are trying to increase traffic from Google and other Internet search engines, or want to improve the results for your Web site search engine, your metrics provide the feedback loop for your improvement program:

Using a model for what customers do on your external Web site, you can show the business value of everything you do. Learn best practices for improving search marketing and Web site search borne out by IBM’s actual experience on its own Web site.

Business Implementation 10: Intranet Panel - Optimizing Internal Processes & Web 2.0

Allen Ellison, Effective User Interface
James Newswanger, IBM

Leading corporate intranets are transitioning from a primary focus on news and information to additional responsibility for the integration of tools and applications that facilitate employee productivity and effectiveness. The advent of sophisticated Intranet sites and Rich Media Applications has meant companies can provide their employees interactive, data-rich web-based applications that take usability and engagement to a high level.

Intranets have always been an afterthought for web metrics and Flash, Flex, AJAX and other Web 2.0 tools demand that tracking be built into the applications. But once implemented, you can observe employee experience down to every mouse movement and keystroke. Most enterprise intranets are challenged to deliver metrics that support documentation of frequency of use, importance, usability and value for both the overall site and particular hubs of activity (e.g., directory, search, and country, business unit and job role sections/portlets). What drives overall satisfaction with a corporate intranet?

How does a large company segment its audience appropriately to identify key user groups, past ordinary demographics? How are the three key intranet activity areas (directory, search and news) appropriately monitored for metrics tracking and insightful change recommendations?

Business Implementation 11: Click This!  Why Your CEO Doesn't Care

Ed See & John Nardone, Marketing Management Analytics

What do digital metrics mean?  Clicks and impressions don't translate into anything!  Mature digital marketing organizations care about meaning and management, not metrics and measuring.  In this session, MMA's Ed See and John Nardone will a marketing maturity model demonstrating what successful marketers bring to the table to translate from clicks and impressions to sales and profit.  This program will help marketers quickly assess the maturity level of their organization, begin to develop a roadmap for success, and leverage best practices to improve business performance.

Business Implementation 12: Competitive Analysis Panel

ComScore, Hitwise, I/Pro, (invited)

Knowing what people do on your website is valuable, but do you know what people are doing on your competitors' websites? Huge panels of websurfers are being tracked daily to reveal overall traffic patterns and specific behavior. If you're not watching how they use the Internet, you're missing an important piece of the puzzle.

Business Implementation 13: Online PR Metrics - Blogrolls and Wikis and Feeds - Oh My!

Katie Delahaye Paine, KDPaine & Partners
Kathleen Bagley Formidoni, blast!PR
Kathleen Hessert, Sports Media Challenge

Come see this panel of those in the know explain the how's and why's of online reputation management and how to measure the effectiveness of getting the right message to the right nodes at the right time. How well are your About the Company and Press Room web pages serving your company? The PR industry is a lot more tuned in than you'd expect and these panelists are leading the pack.

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