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Emetrics Summit: The Big Picture

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Voice of the Customer Track

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If you don’t listen to your customers to measure satisfaction and loyalty, you’re missing half the picture. How do you manage customer feedback and consumer generated content?

Neil Mason, Foviance - Moderator

Voice of the Customer 1: Listening to Your Customers - Panel One

A: Making Retail Customer Satisfaction a Priority

Dre Madden, StubHub.com

StubHub is an online ticket marketplace, operating in a dynamic, innovative, and highly competitive space. Dre will share how StubHub has made Customer Satisfaction a priority, implementing various surveys across various customer touch-points, matching internal and external data. What began as a small market research program to gain overall customer satisfaction has developed into a corporate wide program across all departments within StubHub. Dre will discuss how StubHub:

B: Integrating Attitudinal and Behavioral Data

Rick Blair, Equity Residential

Rick is an avid user of both Voice of Customer data (via OpinionLab) and Click Stream data (via Omniture). When integrated, Rick has a complete picture of the website user experience: the What and the Why. Rick is using this holistic perspective to make real-time business optimization decisions.

Voice of the Customer 2: Brand Camp - The Goals, Strategies (And Yes) Metrics for Increasing Your Online Brand Value

Shane Atchison & Jason Burby, ZAAZ

We’re all familiar now with the established site goals and metrics for e-commerce, lead generation, customer self-service and ad-supported content, but what about branding? According to Forrester Research, 66% of marketing executives said that the Web is “just as” or “more effective” branding medium compared to other offline channels. Leading consumer-focused companies are exploring innovative ways to leverage the Web to create deeper emotional connections between brands and customers. How do you measure online brand effectiveness - from monetizing desired behavior to analyzing influence on revenue? Shane and Jason share real-world examples from consumer brands in fashion, mobile communications and others.

Voice of the Customer 3: Customer Support on the Web. What is All That Activity?

Greg Oxton, Consortium for Service Innovation

As vendors get better at providing technical customer support on the web there are some profound realizations:

  1. All the myths about why “our customers won’t use the web for support” turn out to be false
  2. Customer success and volume on the web is hard to precisely measure but it can be approximated
  3. Technology products generate more demand for support than we ever realized!

Serving customers well becomes much easier when you assume a demand-bases view of support that includes both web metrics and customer forum metrics to assess the real demand for support and your ability to satisfy it.

Voice of the Customer 4: Listening to Your Customers - Panel Two

A. Quantifying the Corporate Value of the Website

Dave Mickelson, 3M

When a company uses their internet sites to stimulate business growth, but doesn't have direct eCommerce, it can be a challenge to quantify the contribution of the website to the company's bottom line. Web analytics alone don't measure marketing effectiveness and financial performance. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of an integrated eMarketing performance measurement system. Using customer satisfaction analytics together with visitor behavior analytics has helped 3M quantify the impact of improving satisfaction with the website experience on increasing Customer Lifetime Value.

B. Integrating Web Information, Managing the Web Team

Linda Hetcher, Avaya

Long before most other organizations, Avaya's e-business recognized they no longer were in the "analytics" world, but instead, they were in the "intelligence and optimization" world. Therefore, Avaya's web team hired best-in-breed vendors to collect intelligence about their online users: behavior, attitudes, etc. Linda Hetcher, will describe how Avaya integrates disparate sources of web intelligence to provide a complete understanding of the user experience and manage a global web optimization team from corporate headquarters.

Voice of the Customer 5: Tuning Your Company to the Customer Voice: Being Customer Centric

David Rance, Round

Amazon.com lists over 10,000 books in response to a search on "customer." They all explain why your company needs to focus on customer needs. But they are in short supply of actionable advice on how to achieve a customer-centric business. Your customer management capabilities must align with your mission, your brand and your marketing. David describes why that alignment is critical, what that alignment looks like when it's working, and how it is achieved at a practical level.

Voice of the Customer 6: Not Just What? But Who and Why?

Neil Mason, Director of Analytical Consulting, Foviance

Neil joined Foviance as part of an acquisition of Applied Insights whom he was director and co-founder. With 25 years of in-depth industry experience in marketing analytics and strategy, Neil leads Foviance's analytical consulting practice. This delivers an enhanced digital marketing analytics capability to both Foviance's and Applied Insights existing and future clients.

Neil is one of the world's leading analytics guru's and he has a big reputation. He holds an MBA from Kingston Business School, a Diploma in Business and Economic Forecasting and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Web Analytics Association, the global industry body for digital analytics professionals.

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