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Emetrics Summit: The Big Picture

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Data Capture & Integration Track

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Data capture, cleansing, integration, reporting--there's a great deal of technical ground to cover before you even start to realize website ROI. And did we mention cookies, proxies, firewalls and CRM systems?

Robbin Steif, LunaMetrics - Moderator

Data 1: Understanding the People Behind the Clicks - A Portfolio Approach

Camille Sobalvarro, Sybase

With the proliferation of data gathering methods, getting data is no longer the problem -- businesses are drowning in it. It's choosing the right data and doing effective analysis that counts. How can businesses develop a portfolio approach to analysis of both quantitative AND qualitative data, to gain actionable insights on their audiences? To make this case, Camille will show how his team leverages data from a major web analytic platform, a major CRM system, and qualitative research to form a complete picture of the market segments they serve.

Data 2: The Cookie Dilemma and RSS Opportunity

Ian Houston, Visioactive

Part 1: Visitor Identification and Analysis

Secondary self regenerating ID's via a dynamic page tag to compare against cookies and measure deletion events and uniquely identify the blockers. Gather extra data about the browser environment to expand cookieless identification beyond IP address and the user agent.

Part 2: Capturing the Effect of Feeds

What you should capture about your feed usage and how it may be applied. How to translate that data into Subscriptions, Buzz and other metrics related to the marketing effectiveness of your blog. Working with different types of feed clients. Using subscriptions and clickthrough conversion to optimize use as a marketing tool and using buzz metrics and topical information about your feed to better understand your audience.

Data 3: Measuring Search From the Inside Out

Mike Grehan, Smart Interactive Ltd.

ROI is the mantra in search marketing. Pay Per Click advertising is not too difficult to track and measure the return on spend. But what if the clicks go up, the spend goes up but conversion doesn't? There could be something very murky afoot. And what about the organic listings? Those juicy results on the left hand side of the page that you don't have to pay for. How do you measure the performance there? Is having the most pages in your sector indexed by all the major search engines a great goal? Is having the most top ten ranking keywords a great result? Is having the most links pointing to your web pages a great result? Find out why what often looks like a great result can actually be more of an illusion.

Data 4: The Universal Data Collection Model (Tag)

Tom Hochstatter, Yahoo!

We in the data collection and “consumption” business, especially online, have yet to surmount the one major challenge - instrumentation. Many of the original online analytics and data collection technologies relied upon a proprietary means to collect their data as a means to differentiate their business. That was an admirable business positioning play in the infant stage of the industry. However, continued reliance on this as a business practice is hampering more (potential) customers to adopt analytics and include it into their work-a-day business workflows. The industry is ready to take the next steps to commoditize instrumentation and catapult itself onto entirely new levels of competitiveness.

Data 5: Cross Channel Panel - The website, the front desk, the call center, the store...

Shubhra Srivastava, Intercontinental Hotels
Frank Abrams, Scansave

While a company website is taking on the role of the 'marketing hub', a 360 degree view of customer includes all other touchpoints. How do you optimize a website as part of a web of touchpoints? How do you bring together intelligence gathered from the call center, the sales team and retail distribution? Can you track from the website to the store and back again? Shubhra and Frank say yes.

Data 6: Web Analytics Data Meets Datawarehouse

Neil Raden, Hired Brains, Inc.

Neil Raden is a leading analyst to the business intelligence industry and has developed some very large and complex analytical warehouses and applications over the years. In his presentation, he will lay out what is happening in the data warehousing and BI sector and how Web 2.0 forces and Moore’s Law are about rip it apart, which is good. Web Analytics has been operating independently of BI, but that will start to change, which is also good because BI will finally be free of the yoke of IT and data warehousing and be able to get back to its roots of providing business value for business people.

Data 7: Marketers are from Mercury and Programmers are from Pluto: Marketing for Technologists

Robbin Steif, LunaMetrics

You spent six months evaluating packages. You've got it installed and pages tagged, events created, eVars established. You're up and running -- except that now, management wants decisions based on the data, and you don't know where to start. In addition to a brief tour of KPIs, this will include a guide to marketing analyses you should do on a regular or ad-hoc basis to understand who your best customers are, what kind of loyalty you have, where you should invest more marketing dollars and where you should pull back, and how to turn your analytics into actionable data. We'll also attempt to make all techies learn to love marketing (or at least, show you how it looks from the other side.)

Data 8: Publishing Meaningful Reports

A. Effectively Presenting Web Analytics for Search Engine Marketing

Jennifer Veesenmeyer, Evantage Consulting

When a large Midwest law firm wanted to use Web Analytics to help maximize Search Marketing ROI they struggled with how to effectively present reports to key decision makers. How do you create a single dashboard to include and present all key metrics in a way that was meaningful to both SEO and non-SEO professionals? Without expensive tools? How do you integrate data from multiple sources? Top executives only want key performance indicators. Strategists want the diagnostic metrics as well. Charts and graphs were understandable to some business users, while tables were better for others. Creating customized reports for each is too labor intensive.

B. Turning Terabytes of Data into Meaningful Reports

Bruce Boston, CNET

Bruce covers the path he uses at CNET to channel data from a multi-terabyte database into meaningful, easy-to-read set of reports. Products used include, a Netezza PostgreSQL database, a local mySQL database, Navicat mySQL GUI, MS Excel, an XML SQL query webservice, Crystal Xcelsius and Adobe Flash as well as export formats like email, html webpages, Adobe PDF, MS PowerPoint, and MS Excel. Armed to the teeth, Bruce can grab data, massage it, store it in a local mySQL Database, and then dynamically link it directly to Flash webpages, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel and email, etc. Each of these end-user interfaces are dynamically connected to the same live data source, updated on the fly, keeping everyone in sync and on the same page. On weekends, Bruce juggles while riding a unicycle in his sleep.

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