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Emetrics Summit: The Big Picture

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Web Performance Monitoring Track

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How well is your server serving? How much does a slow application tarnish your customer experience online? Here's where the IT wizards have a tangible impact on the bottom line. This is the track for optimizing the technology that customers see and your brand depends on.

Web Performance Monitoring 1: Bringing Sanity to the Tower of Babel

Nick Walker Expedia.com

iDSS, Dashboard, TRex, TRAMPLE, WAMPLE, HPL, ABACUS, DoubleClick, SiteCatalyst, Tealeaf, just to name a few of the tools Expedia has used over the years to track site usage. For a complex, retail site like Expedia, no one tool can provide the multiple levels of insight required to (1) keep the site running, (2) measure marketing effectiveness, and (3) optimize the site design. This session will describe the balancing act required to integrate data from multiple systems without becoming paralyzed by data overload.

Web Performance Monitoring 2: Performance Anxiety in the Brand Canyon

John Overton ATG

Performance monitoring takes on a new level of anxiety when you are tasked with running sites for the likes of Cingular, Symantec, The Coca-Cola Company and T-Mobile. John shares the challenges and solutions employed by global application service provider ATG where he is responsible for ATG's OnDemand SLA backed hosted solutions for companies large and small. John will clarify proactive and reactive monitoring, identify what performance to monitor and exemplify load anticipation and management in an OnDemand world.

Web Performance Monitoring 3: Performance: Performance and the Online Experience

Kamal Jain BrassRing

Succeeding on the web today takes more than providing a constantly evolving, cutting edge, personalized experience. With the Internet becoming more and more reliable, and the proliferation of broadband -- the performance of your web properties can make or break your business. A presentation of some of the considerations for delivery and performance monitoring.

Web Performance Monitoring 4 The Extremely Successful E-Marketing Campaign: You are ready but is your Site ready?

Liz Donaldson Eastman Kodak

You've optimized your conversion funnel, integrated persuasive personas and refined your search terms. All this is to no avail if the product demo goes into an endless loop, the registration form returns error messages, the shopping basket has lost a wheel or your web application is slow to respond. This session will take a look at the tools used by Kodak.com to measure site performance and web application testing before and after they reach the production environment.

Web Performance Monitoring 5: Report From the Field

Maxwell Keeler The Motley Fool

So all this looks good on paper, but how does implementing and more importantly utilizing an analytics package work? Max Keeler of The Motley Fool will share his experiences with implementing and monitoring multiple packages. He will share what has worked, what has failed and will detail how they will use their lessons learned to position themselves for the launch of their latest service, CAPS.

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