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Emetrics Summit: The Big Picture

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Success Tactics Track

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Tips and tricks and personal experience are invaluable - but so is getting up close and personal with the tools of the trade. This track allows the vendors of web measurement software vendors, customer survey companies and a variety of service companies to show how they can help.

Success Tactics 1: 7 Pitfalls to Avoid When Conducting Real-Time Testing

Mark Wachen, Optimost

More and more companies are having great success doing real-time testing to improve their conversion rates on their websites. However, to be successful, you need to be using the right methodology and technology, and you need to make sure you are testing variables that will have an impact. In this session, you'll learn about common mistakes companies make when attempting multivariable testing or other testing methodologies You'll also learn about best practices employed by some of the world's leading online brands, and learn about the critical things to consider when embarking on an online testing program.

Success Tactics 2: 5 Top Lessons that Web Analysts Can Teach Their CMO

Akin Arikan, Unica Corporation

As the evolution of web analytics continues, web analysts are now applying best web practices to the entire business. Web analytics today go far beyond the traditional web metrics into areas such as customer relationship management and offline strategy. Web analysts have much to teach the CMO on how to apply lessons learned.

Attend this session to learn how web analytics influence the entire enterprise and the invaluable lessons web analytics teach CMOs.

Top lessons web analysts can teach the CMO, including how to:

Success Tactics 3: Google Analytics

Brett Crosby, and Jeff Gillis Google Analytics

Google takes a unique approach to the web analytics industry with its recently launched Google Analytics service. Not only is Google Analytics free and fully integrated into Google AdWords, it has been specifically engineered to be intuitive and easy to use. The goal is for users to spend less time setting things up and more time acting on data. Join the Google Analytics team in a discussion about how this approach to the industry is working and offer ideas on how to make it better.

Success Tactics 4: Rich Internet Applications - Understand, Optimize, and Increase ROI

Stephen Hammond, Omniture Inc.

Rich Internet Applications are emerging as a key element in Web 2.0, and in the future of the Internet. Some would argue that we are still years away from wide scale adoption, but most agree that now is the time to shape the direction of analytics for this technology. While each RIA is different, design patterns and feature similarities exist among common application types. This presentation will discuss trends and best practice standards and solutions for measuring and optimizing Rich Internet Applications.

Success Tactics 5: Customer Satisfaction: The Missing Web Analytic

Larry Freed, Foresee Results

With web analytics, you know WHAT customers do on your website. Do you know WHY? If not, you may be missing an important web analytic: customer satisfaction measurement.

Customer satisfaction analytics that incorporate the scientific methodology of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) complement behavioral data. They provide insights regarding about your site visitors' intent and whether they accomplished the goal of their website session. And, ACSI-based customer satisfaction analytics can predict your website visitors' future behaviors, including purchase offline and online, word-of-mouth recommendation and loyalty.

Larry Freed, President and CEO of ForeSee Results, will speak on the value of integrating ACSI-based customer satisfaction measurement and web analytics and discuss approaches to integrating these two important data sources.

Success Tactics 6: Can't Get Know Satisfaction?

Jerry Tarasofsky, iPerceptions
Jonathan Levitt, iPerceptions

iPerceptions' Continuous Listening Solution and Satisfaction Index (iPSI) are changing the way many of North America's leading marketers are ensuring their web site visitors "get satisfaction".

This session will provide insights into how companies like CompUSA, All Recipes.com, Hilton, Dell and LG Electronics to name just a few are using iPerceptions Continuous Listening solution and more specifically the iPSI to ensure their sites deliver a premier web site experience for their customers and visitors.

You will learn how using a comprehensive proprietary perceptual framework to evaluate key elements of the visitor experience, along with predictive algorithms and modeling to identify those attributes that drive satisfaction, the webValidator Continuous Listening solution turns thousands of data points into easy-to-understand strategic and tactical decision support.

Success Tactics 7: The Web World Got it Backwards: How Site Quality Obscures Accurate Visitor Measurements

Perry Kamel, MAXAMINE, Inc.

Business leaders and marketers worldwide are beginning to recognize the significant impact of two related characteristics of their websites' implementation quality (Site I.Q.):

  1. Factors that affect (and skew) the actual behavior of site visitors and
  2. Factors that obscure or impair the measurement of visitor behavior:

These two "environmental" factors can undermine the validity of essential online data and related web analytics, with the potential to compromise the quality and reliability of key conclusions and business decisions. While addressing such factors is commonplace outside of the web world, they have been largely overlooked on the web for the past decade, creating a "truth gap".

Perry will delve into the two factors in detail and outline what companies can do to close the "truth gap".

Success Tactics 8: Answering the Challenge of Dynamic Content Testing

Eric Hansen, SiteSpect

Some companies would have you believe that the only way you can market and offer test your dynamic content is to rework it first. Don't believe it. In this session, you will learn how to run A/B and multivariate tests on your dynamic content non-intrusively, without making any changes to your site. You'll also learn how you can test non-HTML content like CSS and Ajax without making any changes to your site.

Success Tactics 9: Secrets Beyond the Click

Adrian Chiu, Atlas

How is my site performing? How does it relate to other best-in-class sites? What should I fix on my site? What data is most meaningful and how do I use the data more effectively? Taking action on your web metrics can be challenging. This informative session goes beyond the simple click and looks at what data you can use today to gain insights on your site visitors. We'll also touch on the next generation of data worth analyzing. Check this out to get insights to help your business.

Success Tactics 10: Translating Data Into Action: Marketing in Real-time

Leon Zemel, [x+1]

How to Increase online conversion rates without sitting 24 hours a day in a room full of people, continuously reading and sharing data feeds while simultaneously updating site pages and marketing campaigns.

The rise and spread of robust computing and analysis has been a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it's now possible to measure the effectiveness of marketing initiatives in real time and collect endless amounts of data about those initiatives. This promises to help organizations get the best return on their investments, and avoid throwing good money after bad. On the other hand, real-time response data places a great deal of pressure on marketers to constantly improve results. This session will show how automating the online marketing and analysis process and focusing the process on key marketing levers will dramatically improve marketers' returns.

Success Tactics 11: Innovation through Integration: Leveraging Web Analytics to Automate Site Optimization

Steve Kusmer, WebSideStory

Acting on the findings of web analytics has been one of the biggest challenges for marketers according to Forrester Research. Learn how analytics can automatically drive the performance of key web site applications including site search, web content management and keyword bid management. See integration in action in this highly interactive session including live demos.

Success Tactics 12: It's the Little Things

Kim Weller, Circuit City

Small changes with judicious measurement can make big differences in the way you do business and positively impact revenue. Three areas where we have seen this to be evident at Circuit City:

  1. Improvements in our Checkout Process - an internal hypothesis about a confusing page in the process was confirmed through a Coremetrics analysis and further explained through usability testing. The change resulted in significant increase in conversion.
  2. Change in focus on Landing Pages - Landing pages seemed to be the answer for all promotions until we looked at Coremetrics data and realized that for home page and internal promotions, list pages were more effective.
  3. Comparing the value of our internal search activity with other navigational paths showed that this was a valuable area that was not receiving adequate focus. Over 50% of our transactions were touched at some point by search and steps are now being taken to improve search results.

Success Tactics 13: Click Fraud myth busters

John Marshall, ClickTracks Analytics, Inc.

Click Fraud affects all advertisers to a greater or lesser degree, but how much of a problem is it really? How can you discover the truth without the need for snake oil? John will explain:

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