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eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
Optimizing Online Marketing Value

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Washington D.C. 2007 Tracks

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Now in it's sixth year, the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit continues the tradition of high quality experts, highly quality networking and high quality learning. Now, it's going deeper.

The Keynotes:

Think Different, Jim Sterne

Jim Sterne, President, Target Marketing

Jim SterneWith fourteen years in online marketing and more than half of that focused on marketing optimization, Jim Sterne, producer of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit takes a look are how far we've come, where we could be and where we're headed. From the basic premise of customer centricity to the underlying need for analytical curiosity, Jim examines the myriad of innumerable metrics for measuring the success of your website.

Monday - 9:20 am - Regency Ballroom

Counting on Customers

Rachel Scotto, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Rachel ScottoThe entertainment industry has always been fanatical about audience testing. You don't accidentally create hits like Spider-Man and Rescue Me without a great deal of research. That research is no longer about test audiences and focus groups. Data about what people look at online, how they react to email and what they publish to millions of their closest friends is now in the mix. In a dynamic and constantly evolving market, measuring success across movies, home entertainment, TV, games and mobile sites requires a carefully balanced marketing mix, swift access to data on the pulse of the public and an ability to navigate the usual political rapids. Rachel will review the tools Sony uses, date they leverage and the insights they harvest to increase market share and customer loyalty. She will also look forward to the tools and data she'd like to get her hands on if only the time, capital and technology were available.

Tuesday - 9:00 am - Regency Ballroom

Do You See What I Hear?: How the Voice of the Customer Impacts Customer Experience at Dell

Annette Priest, Dell

Annette PriestEffectively understanding customers is more than knowing what they do on a site. It's also about knowing what they say and why. This can be difficult, and understandably so. Customer voices are numerous, diverse, and speak to different needs from a variety of different sources. For the customer experience practitioner, it can be a challenging task to sort through this complexity and extract key information that will lead to measurable improvement. In this presentation Annette will provide a practical approach to address the challenge by walking through the purpose, the value and the ways in which research insight can be used to improve the online customer experience.

Wednesday - 9:00 am - Regency Ballroom

The Tracks:

Marketing Optimization Guru Track

Bryan Eisenberg Avinash Kaushik Jim Novo Eric T. Peterson Jennifer Veesenmeyer

Web Marketing Authorities Bryan Eisenberg, Avinash Kaushik, Jim Novo, Eric Peterson, and Jennifer Veesenmeyer share their most current insights.

Website Optimization Track

Web analytics is a powerful tool to help understand whether your website is providing business value to your company and brand value to your customers. A wealth of metrics can improve your return on online investment. The time has come to aggressively quantify what is and is not working and to optimize your investment. Website navigation, persuasion, usability, personas and customer experience are under the microscope.

Behavioral Targeting & Testing Track

From contextual advertising to dynamic promotions - from A/B split testing to multivariate testing, the dynamic nature of the web allows us to optimize the customer experience in real time. The testing of offers, landing pages and the conversion experience are now automated. Improving satisfaction and boosting conversions are just the beginning. Customer segmentation and profile sharing are becoming much more sophisticated. Everybody who comes to your site can have a different experience - an experience dynamically created according to the visitors previous and current actions.

Campaign Optimization Track

Online advertising is no longer a matter of spray and pray. Hard numbers reveal the impact of your campaigns in terms of reach, awareness, attitudinal impact and response. This track features professionals who have measured the brand affect, the immediate response and the long term of results online advertising.

Marketing Optimization Management Track

From to managing your own web optimization career to managing the internal perception of your team, success with web optimization is much more than choosing a web analytics vendor and distributing reports. This track looks at selecting the right talent, prioritizing your measurements for optimal monetization, creating just the right reports for the right internal customers and the potholes you have or can expect to experience along the way. If you manage a web optimization team or want to, this track is vital to your success.

Public Sector Online Success Track

Don't sell direct? Tired of hearing about improving the shopping cart experience? This track is for you. Government, non-profit, public sector and corporate communications professionals will learn how to measure success in a world without a conversion rate. Learn how to integrate objective and subjective information sources. Discover the lessons learned from those in your shoes who are still faced with user satisfaction scores, getting management buy-in, educating staff & moving the metrics needle while protecting privacy, security and legal and ethical considerations. What does it mean when your 'customers' are constituents, taxpayers, and citizens?

Web 2.0 Measurement Track

Welcome to Web 2.0. Start with a bucket-full of technology that changes your perception of what to measure. pageviews are no longer indicative of online activity - instead you're faced with interactive and asynchronous JavaScript and XML widgets and programs that execute inside the browser window. Add to that, the overwhelming amount of user generated content and the social networking phenomenon and your nice, safe reports about clickthroughs and pageviews are no longer relevant to making business decisions. Come find out how to measure the blogosphere now that your brand is in the hands of the beholders.

Search Analytics Track

In the beginning, two guys in a garage told you they knew the secrets of SEO and SEM. They, alone, could move you to the top at Google and buy just the right Pay Per Click keywords at just the right price. Those days are gone. The mystery has been replace by the numbers. The Search Analytics Summit is all about measuring the results and feeding them back into the process so that you know the progress you are making instead of just hoping for it.

The Email Metrics Track

Amazon will point you to almost 50 books on email marketing and they will all tell you about double-opt-in list management, deliver valuable content and how to get your message delivered. But very few take a long, hard look at what to measure and how to use those numbers to make your email marketing as successful as it can be. Come to the Email Marketing Optimization Track to learn about segmenting email customer based on purchase history to increase revenue per email manifold. This track will help you statistically prove how well email is increasing awareness, building interest, populating your sales cycle, and generating revenue.

Statistical Success Track

Managing the success of your website by the numbers means having a good grasp of those numbers. Here's where you will learn the ins and outs of data mining, data modeling, regression trees, and a whole host of statistical methods to make numbers reveal their secrets. But this won't just be theory - you'll also learn about practical analytics using tools as prosaic as Excel. Tis is the track for those who are ready to take their numbers seriously.

Vendor Showcase & Demo Track

The sponsors of the EMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit are valuable resources in two areas: First, they have a unique perspective on the industry and will share their view of the marketplace from their vantage point. Second, they have the tools and services we all need to get the job done. In addition to the Exhibit Hall, where you can learn what each vendor has to offer, the Showcase & Demo Track is an opportunity to get a real demo and a more than just ten minutes of conversation. The vendors will share their observations and reveal their technical secrets. Later, you can go along to the Exhibit Hall and grab a flashing lapel pin.

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