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eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit: Washington DC 2008

Sponsors Presentations

ForeSee Diamond Sponsor Presentation:
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Online Metrics

Larry Freed, ForeSee Results

Larry FreedWhat is the definition of success on the web? Conversion? Online sales? Engagement? Quantifying the contribution of the online experience to a company’s strategic goals is elusive where the contribution is intangible, such as its influence on the needs, expectations and future behavior of site visitors. Larry Freed will discuss the most powerful customer analytics to project the financial impact of the online experience — customer satisfaction — and dispel the myths regarding its measurement and management for bottom line success.

Tuesday, 9:45

Interwoven Platinum Sponsor Presentation:
Advanced Targeting Discovery Techniques using Multivariable Testing

Mark Wachen Interwoven Optimost

Interwoven Optimost is the only multivariable optimization solution that maximizes conversion rates throughout your website by driving more results in less time using integrated multivariable testing and targeting techniques and best practices. In this presentation, you will learn how multivariable optimization is the best way to discover new segments and learn how your existing segments are changing in composition and preferences. Built on more than just website behavior, the evolution of Optimost targeting goes beyond behavior and context to merge multiple attributes with multivariable testing to discover not only the segment attributes but exactly what content resonates with each group to drive maximum conversion. Targeting for your website has evolved from a niche application for high volume websites to a solution for everyone that can discover new segments, learn about existing customer behavior and then allow you to quickly respond to changes with targeted content that maximizes conversion and the customer experience for each site visitor.

Tuesday, 10:15

Technology Leaders Gold Sponsor Presentation
Just the News, Please: “Dynamic Alert” Cuts Through the Clutter

David Millrod, Technology Leaders

David MillrodEvery day, your web analytics product publishes thousands of updated, business-critical metrics. Does anyone have time to look? How much of your web analytics investment is going to waste because of inattention?

Automated reporting alerts can really help out. But some alerting solutions only make the problem worse: crying wolf; or, missing important changes.

Technology Leaders Dynamic Alert analyzes hundreds of thousands of data points per web site on a daily basis and delivers just the relevant metrics. Its proprietary algorithm clears the clutter and provides a concise email showing just what has changed on your web sites.

See David Millrod (the inventor of Dynamic Alert) show why dashboards and scorecards cannot fill this important gap in your web metrics infrastructure; he'll also present some real-world success stories.

Tuesday, 3:10

Omniture Diamond Sponsor Presentation
Mobile Marketing: Small Screen, Huge Opportunity

Matt Langie, Omniture

Matt LangieThe abundant data from online marketing has taught us the importance of measuring what matters. Increasingly, marketers will need to be able to effectively measure the small stuff—which now means the mobile phone. With 30 mobile phones sold every second, marketers must understand the impact of mobile visitors and the huge opportunity to best serve their online needs. Join Matt Langie, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Omniture, who will discuss how to effectively mobilize your marketing. He will cover:

  • Recent studies and projections on mobile usage and growth
  • How to resolve challenges to mobile measurement
  • Which metrics matter in measuring mobile traffic and visitors
Learn how to turn that small screen into a huge opportunity.

Wednesday, 9:50

Lyris Inc. Platinum Sponsor Presentation
The Power of Online Marketing Integration

Blaine Mathieu, Lyris

Blaine MathieuBlaine Mathieu, CMO of Lyris, will discuss the latent power of online marketing integration and how marketing nirvana is within our reach using a complete set of point tools that are integrated and “talk” to each other. With marketing tools that integrate tightly, stress can be taken off marketers who are already pressed for time and resources. Mathieu will address how true integrated marketing:

  • Overcomes functional silos in marketing departments, not just between online and offline departments but between functional specialties (email, Web, PPC, advertising branding etc.)
  • Eases complexity of measuring integrated campaigns where results cannot be directly linked to a single method or promotion.
  • Creates consistent messaging across channels, media, and methods.
  • Enhances integration with and adoption of Web 2.0 marketing tactics.

Wednesday, 10:20

Google Gold Sponsor Presentation
What's new with Google Analytics? Come and find out!

Brett Crosby, Group Manager Google Analytics and Website Optimizer

Brett CrosbyWhat's new with Google Analytics?

Google continues to innovate around bringing power, flexibility, and accessibility to web analytics and web content testing. Join us for the latest news about Google’s free web analytics and multivariate testing products: Google Analytics and Website Optimizer. This is an event you won’t want to miss!

Wednesday, 2:00

WebTrends Platinum Sponsor Presentation
Connecting Digital Marketing and Business Intelligence

Alex Yoder, WebTrends

Alex YoderDespite the growing volumes of behavioral and other visitor data in their online systems, many marketers have yet to gain an enterprise-wide view of their customers and businesses. Too many have become bogged down in website mechanics and operations, as well as the challenges of integrating data in their legacy systems with that in the closed silos of mass-market web analytics suites.

In this presentation, WebTrends President and CEO Alex Yoder will outline his company’s open, standards-based approach for connecting their digital marketing and business intelligence systems. He will explain how marketers can create the one view of their customers and data that they need to precisely target marketing campaigns and transform web analytics into a strategic asset for the entire enterprise.

Wednesday, 3:00


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