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eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
Washington DC, October 21-23, 2008

Aquisition Track - Terrace

Industry Experts take you to the next level

A01 Tuesday, 11:10 - 12:00
Essential KPIs for Search Engine Optimization

Brian Klais, Netconcepts

There are basic SEO metrics that will help with the “blocking and tackling” — things like keyword popularity, indexation, link popularity, PageRank scores, rankings, top-referring keywords, etc. There are also the red herrings, like keyword density and KEI scores, that are only distractions. But most importantly, there are a whole new class of SEO metrics that are largely undiscovered by folks in SEO and analytics alike, that are essential in order to fully capitalize on the “Long Tail” of SEO. These Key Performance Indicators include:

  • Brand-to-nonbrand Ratio — percentage of your natural search traffic that comes from brand keywords versus nonbrand keywords
  • Unique Pages — number of unique (non-duplicate) web pages crawled by search engine spiders
  • Page Yield — percentage of unique pages that yield search-delivered traffic in a given month
  • Keyword Yield — average number of keywords each page (minus the freeloaders) yields in a given month
  • Visitors per Keyword — ratio of search engine delivered visitors to search terms
  • Index-to-crawl Ratio — ratio of pages indexed to unique crawled pages
  • Engine Yield — the amount of traffic a search engine delivers for every page it crawls

Brian Klais, who has been working in web marketing from the very start, will make sure you have the knowledge you need to do the job at hand.

A02 Wednesday, 1:05 - 1:55
Behavioral Targeting Across Ad Networks and on Your Site

Anil Batra, Ascentium
John Bennett, Ascentium

So you have heard all about Behavioral Targeting and now you are ready to try it out. There are several things that you should know before you dive into BT. In this session Anil will talk about the benefits of BT to consumers, publishers (site owners) and advertisers. He will show what vendors are available to help with different types of BT and review various aspects of BT, from the available technologies to the tried and true techniques to the preponderance of privacy pains. This session will walk you through a 5 step process to successful Behavioral Targeting and is not just limited to online advertising but also how these techniques can be used for onsite advertising and content and product targeting as a part of onsite campaign.

A03 Tuesday, 4:20 - 5:05
Online Ad Metrics for Buyers & Sellers

Rob Graham, Laredo Group
Jason Gole, Organic
Steve Ustaris, Carat Interactive
Bethany Mach, Team Detroit

How much is that banner in the window?
Rich media, Flash or in Braille?
How much is that pop-up in the window?
I hope that skyscraper’s for sale.

You bet it is — but for how much? Buying, selling, planning, measuring and optimizing online campaigns requires a healthy dose of clear business goals, specific key performance indicators, a firm grasp of behavioral targeting. This panel describes their own situation and reflects on the issues that are fundamental, critical, interesting, very cool and overwhelmingly frustrating - all to the tune of questions from you.

A04 Tuesday, 5:10 - 6:00
Keyword Attribution: You’re Paying for Every Click, But Which Ones Get the Credit?

Matt Bailey,

If you’re still using last-click sales attribution, you’re only seeing one piece of the puzzle. Like the blindfolded man who felt only part of an elephant and was asked to identify the whole entity, your answer may depend on which part you are “feeling”. The secret to smart decision making is having the data you need to attribute keyword credit where credit is due. Discover how to make informed and effective strategic decisions and maximize your return on every marketing dollar.

Join this session to understand how to see the complete picture, as Hanover Direct's Matt Bailey walks you through a variety of complex keyword analysis scenarios.

  • How can you tell when a keyword with low apparent ROI is actually driving new customer acquisition profitably?
  • Have you accurately identified the keywords that don't convert immediately but drive subsequent visits that do?
  • Do you know how to manufacture additional traffic on your top-performing terms?
  • Do you really know what it costs to acquire each new customer?

A05 Wednesday, 11:10 - 12:00
The What, Why, Where and How of Widget Metrics

Jodi McDermott, Clearspring Technologies

As the world moves away from centralized media distribution, social networks and blogs have created millions of new publishers that have access to massive volumes of engaging digital content. The widgets they create and share are small, fast, and viral. They are HTML cut-and-paste on steroids. They can also carry your brand. Jodi looks at the new metrics needed for widgets such as virality (placement), the hub nature of the online social scene and the amount of brand impact they might have. And that’s just the beginning. How are organizations using widget analytics to drive their widget strategy? What is possible to measure with respect to widgets?  What do the different networks offer in terms of analytics?  What can a widget-serving platform that is network agnostic bring to the table? What are the new metrics that are evolving as a result of widgets and applications? Metric Standards - what is evolving and who is setting the standards?

A06 Wednesday, 1:05 - 1:55
DIY SEM: Your Agency May Not Be the Best Resource

Gary Angel, Semphonic
Mark Ruzomberka,
David Harrod,

Tracking the ROI on thousands of keywords seems overwhelming and managing them against business goals feels overwhelming. But outsourcing the task to an agency might not be your best move. Traffic.Com manages a significant ($1M annualized) search engine marketing program that is one of the primary drivers of traffic to their site. Facing competition from Google in their core business, Based on the optimization opportunities revealed by a Semphonic audit, Traffic opted to bring their program in-house and run it themselves. Mark Ruzomberka of Traffic.Com and Gary Angel of Semphonic will describe the process of an agency process review, outline the key decision-factors in bringing a PPC program in-house, and discuss Traffic.Com's experience managing the program.  You'll get a better understanding of how to audit your existing SEM program, how to identify the optimization strategies that make sense for your business, and some of the benefits and barriers to managing your own SEM program.

A07 Wednesday, 3:25 - 4:15
Mobile Marketing Metrics

Michael Bayle, Yahoo! Inc.

If you haven't been asked to integrate web metrics and mobile metrics with the rest of your customer data, it's only a matter of time. Fortunately, Michael, who plays a central role at in mobile at Yahoo! and is a Board member of the Mobile Marketing Association, will be able to describe the state of the art, science and globality of mobile metrics and what you can expect to hit your desk tomorrow.

A08 Wednesday, 4:20 - 5:10
Fancy Footwork With Search Marketing - a Retail Case Study at Footsmart

Adam Roe,

Just how granular can you get with a Pay-Per-Click retail strategy? What key performance indicators and bid management tactics really provide enough value to be worth following and practicing? How do you implement a bid optimization program? Adam will go over the obvious goals, the not-so-obvious corollaries, the speed bumps and the breakthroughs. You'll walk away with a clear picture of how to gather the right data and analyze the information in the most efficient way to garner the best PPC ROI.

A09 Thursday, 11:15 - 12:05
Search from Now On

Mike Grehan, Global KDM Officer, Acronym Media

It's the end of search as we know it and Mike is here to spell out what happens next. On the leading edge of the online search market since its start. Mike shares what he sees in his crystal ball.

A10 Thursday, 1:15 - 2:05
Serious Search - Graduate Level

Andrew Goodman, Page Zero Media
John Marshall, Market Motive

You’ve read the books, you track the blogs, you’ve got most of your search marketing in hand and are doing a pretty good job of it. Now it’s time to take it to the next level. Find out what Andrew and John have learned in 25 years of combined experience in search and analytics. They have definitely matriculated and are ready to outline where things are going next with online search. Come learn from the graduates.

A11 Thursday, 2:10 - 3:00
All Your Searching Questions Answered

Vanessa Fox, Ignition Partners
Mike Grehan, Acronym Media
Pat Stroh, IMPAQT

Have a question about how search works? How to make it better? Why things are so frustrating? This wildly successful session at the last eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit is brought back by popular demand. Just be sure to watch the clock as this session has been voted the most likely to keep you in your seat for hours.


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