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Web Analytics Articles by Jim Sterne

Searching for Behavioral Clues

What people search for on your site is a gold mine of information.

Web Metrics...Weather Vane for the CMO

The simple things that every CMO should know about their web site activity and how to get the most value from it. Requires (free) registration 3/2004

Web Metrics Versus Web Analytics

Ask for a definition of “Web metrics,” and those in the know will not hesitate to explain. But be prepared to hear different stories. 3/16/2004

10 Steps to Measuring Web Site Success

Here’s the handy-dandy Sterne How-To Guide for measuring the success of your Web site. 2/10/2004

Everything You Know Is Wrong

As we get accustomed to the tools and the terminology, the prospect of tracking things online is no longer frightening. At least that was the case until November 20, 2003. 1/6/2004

The Ultimate Web Traffic Dashboard

The most frequent question Jim’s clients ask is, ?What should we measure on our Web site?? The second most frequently asked question then is, ?What does a best-practices Web analytics dashboard look like?? 12/16/2003

Don’t Count on Me

Web analytics can help every manager reach their goals by acting as a lens through which they can more clearly see how well their area of the Web site is working. Unfortunately, it also lets everybody else in the organization clearly see how well his or her area of the Web site is working. Can’t we all just get along? 10/14/2003

Highlight the Hot Spots

The value of a promotional campaign does not have to start and end with sales. Identify the "hot spots" on your site and set up a tracking system. 9/16/2003

Let the Computer Decide

Jim advocates the ’Try It, Measure It, Tweak It’ method of Web site design. The idea is simple and can have a profound impact on the success of your site. 8/12/2003

Metrics On a ’Need to Know’ Basis

If you want to get across just how important Web metrics can be, here’s what you need to explain to your boss, depending on what type of boss you have. 7/15/2003

Calculating the Cost of Content

In our enthusiasm to measure clickthroughs, pageviews and revenues, we seldom stop to consider the cost of our Web site content. Even if your page count is only in the hundreds, you must have a general rule of thumb for calculating the cost of creating content as well as a general rule of thumb for measuring the return on that investment. 6/24/2003

Ask Me If I Care: Reaching Out to Real Customers

Most companies seem to blithely ignore one set of metrics -- their customers’ feelings. 5/27/2003

Measuring Data: Whadda Ya Got?

Before you can decide what data you need, you have to know what you have. 4/15/2003

Not Everything That Can Be Counted Counts

Which data reports are actually useful to your organization? Well, it depends. It all boils down to how your company measures "success." 3/18/2003

Let There Be Light

In the beginning, the IT department created the Web server and the server log. And darkness was upon the face of the marketing department.... 2/11/2003

The Feedback Loop Gap

We have the data. We have the pretty reports. But we do not have an educated team who can take the resulting statistics and turn them into meaningful plans. 1/14/2003

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