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This is Your Brain on the Internet (formerly known as Audience Focused Optimization)

San Francisco, May 8, 2008

Understand your visitors' hearts and minds in 3 clicks or less
Joseph turns his anthropological research on your website

Workshop Overview | Raves!

What Do They Say About This Session?

[...] Joseph Carrabis blew us all away with his insights into website usage and his optimization of the EMetrics Summit site.

Scott Baldwin on benry blog

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Workshop Overview:

Joseph CarrabisEver come up with what you think is a brilliant web strategy only to have the rest of your group wonder what you’ve been smoking? In this workshop you'll realize why things that seem great to one person may not work for the audience that you're targeting and why audiences don't always grab the bait you're dangling before them.

The Audience Focused Optimization workshop is not your typical web design class - No traditional design elements are discussed or talked about unless students wish to discuss them. The focus of Audience Focused Optimization is providing you, the interactive marketer , with the tools necessary to get your biases out of your work so your audience shines through.

In this workshop you will learn to make your website significantly more effective using proven tools from:

This is the place to learn how to design web pages, web sites and web content based on how humans are wired and why and how they respond. It’s not enough to know why people respond a certain way, you need to know how to change their response in order to change their minds and hearts.

Audience Focused Optimization is about

  1. learning and mastering your own internal design process
  2. then using that understanding to modify your process at will
  3. to create killer designs for website visitors (or your client's visitors)

This one day workshop provides you with the tools to

The class contains discussion, examples and exercises. You are encouraged to participate in these discussions and class activities at their own pace and interest.

A student from Columbia, SC, wrote:

“I should also warn you that the classes are very intense. I'm not sure why that is, but it's not by accident. Participation requires PARTICIPATION that will actually raise your blood pressure if you're not careful. Intense, but not serious. Carrabis has an offbeat sense of humor and laughs a lot at himself.”

In this one day workshop, you will learn how to:

Workshop Requirements:

In this Workshop You Will Learn:

Workshop Outline:

  1. Greeting and open discussion of class goals
  2. Team Building Exercises (so you’ll know when to work together and when to work alone)
  3. Break
  4. Introspection and Extrospection - Exercise (learning to separate internal from external processes. “What works for you might not work for others”)
  5. Creativity Express - Exercise (guerilla exercises to get your mind thinking in ways it (probably) hasn’t thought before)
  6. Learning How People Eat (a simple way to learn what’s important to your design audience)
  7. Lunch
  8. PsychoSocial Realignment (everybody into the pool, “Team Building” after lunch)
  9. Eye on the Ball - Exercise (determining what’s important and how)
  10. Rock, Paper, Magnum - Exercise (knowing the most doesn’t mean you’re the most knowledgeable, only the most flexible)
  11. Break
  12. Logical Process and Ontological Process - Exercise (defending how you think to those who don’t think the way you do)
  13. Audience Focused Optimization - Exercise (applying it all and defending it – classwide exercise)
  14. End of Day Discussion and Cool Down
  15. Homework Assignments

Your Workshop Leader:

Joseph Carrabis has authored 22 books which have covered cultural anthropology, database technology and methods, information mechanics, language acquisition, learning and education theory, mathematics, network topologies, and psycholinguistic modeling.

His articles have covered computer technology, cultural-knowledge modeling, equine management, knowledge studies and applications, library science, martial arts, myth and folklore, neurolinguistic, psychodynamic and psychosocial modeling, studies of group and tribal behavior, studies of social interactions in NYC and more. His knowledge and data designs have been used by Caltech, Citibank, DOD, IBM, NASA, Owens-Corning and Smith-Barney among others.

He's been everything from butcher to truckdriver to Senior Knowledge Architect to Chief Research Scientist. Currently Carrabis is Chairman and Chief Research Officer of NextStage Evolution, LLC, and founder of KnowledgeNH and NH Business Development Network.

He's the inventor and developer of Evolution Technology and made a splash at the San Francisco Emetrics Summit in May with his presentation on Quantifying and Optimizing the Human Side of Online Marketing.

Okay, I'm Sold, How Much Does it Cost &
When is it Again?

If you're also attending the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, it's:
$895 Before the Early Bird Date
$995 Regular Price

If you're not attending the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit (and you really should!) the price is $1295.

Please join us on Thursday May 8th, from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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