On the Web Analytics Forum Stuart Taylor wrote:

Subject: [webanalytics] Could this be the (begining of the) end for WA as we know it?

Just chanced upon this during lunch hour browsing:
Its the first i’ve heard of these features, but TBH i haven’t been
following IE8

That prompted me to write a response that Gahlord Dewald,
Director of Web Strategy at Union Street Media wanted to see on a blog post so he could comment.

OK then – here ’tis…

Giving control to customers (visitors) is always the right move. It then places the responsibility on the marketer to offer sufficiently significant value that the customer is willing to exchange personal data.

Level 0 – Cloaking device engaged
– View all of our marketing materials

Level 1 – Cloaking turned off – cookies enabled – javascript tags accepted
– Configure products
– Stock-on-hand viewable
– Use of shopping cart
– Access to blog
– Latest white papers available

Level 2 – Email address
– Download screen savers
– White paper archive
– Ability to comment on blogs
– Newsletter
– Notification of special deals
– Webinars
– RSS feeds

Level 3 Postal address & preferences
– Product discounts
– Special event invitations
– Access to local call center
– Member-only webinars

Level 4 Answer surveys, participate in Advisory Council
– Negotiated pricing
– Client conferences in Aruba

Level 5 Reveal most intimate personal details and predilections
– Marriage proposal

Level 6 Vulcan mind-meld
– Resistance is futile

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