Win a Pass to the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
or something else so cool, I may have to get one for me
(See below for stuff I think is just too cool for words.)

Three Four ways to win:
     A) 140 Characters
     B) 17 Syllables
     C) 50 Words
     D) Limericks (New!)

A) 140 Characters
Tweet why you want to come to eMetrics including #emetrics and #wa. That leaves you with only 127 characters to impress the bejeepers out of me. I will monitor & count RTs

    Entries must be tweeted by
    Midnight, March 15 22, 2009

B) 17 Syllables
The classic Haiku
Five Seven Five Syllables
Email them to me

    Entries must be received at b [at] emetrics [dot] org by
    Midnight, March 15 22, 2009

C) 50 Words
Tell me a story. Either how eMetrics has changed your perspective, your career or your life – or would if only you could attend. Keep it to 50 words with the most poignant, inspirational and heartwarming prose you can muster. Pathos! Action! Drama! Mild jewelling of the elephant permitted but authors are cautioned against outright make-believe.

    Entries must be received at c [at] emetrics [dot] org by
    Midnight, March 15 22, 2009

D) Limericks

You will have to compete with the likes of Dan Auns who offered:

    Business decisions are perplexing.
    My hippo’s ideas are vexing.
    So I went to the summit,
    Sales took off like a commit!
    eMetrics, you have been a blessing.

    Entries must be received at d [at] emetrics [dot] org by
    Midnight, March 22, 2009


    Grand Prize:
    eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Pass

    Includes all three days plus participation in the
    eMetrics Analytics Symposium, or any other 2009 eMetrics.

    (No cash value. No refunds for already registered attendees
    Your winning Pass is transferrable or redeemable at
    any 2009 eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit.)

    First Prize: Emotiv EPOC
    Brain / computer interface.
    It knows what you’re thinking
    Available within (?) months

    Second Prize: LUXEED
    Programmable LED keyboard.
    It shines – in color – of your choice

    Third Prize: WowWee Rovio Mobile Webcam
    Be in two places at once

    Honorable Mention: Data Flow, Visualising Information
    in Graphic Design

    Beautiful coffee table book

    OMG, What were you Thinking?? Prize: eMetrics Schwag

Winners will be hand selected based on merit by me (Jim Sterne). All decisions are final. Selection will not be influenced by small cash bribes, threats of public humiliation nor promises of sexual favors. Large cash offers will be handled on a case-by-case basis and threats of bodily harm will be referred to my family friends Vinnie and Guido. Creative writing rules.

(Does this contest make my undergraduate degree in Shakespeare look fat?)

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