At the end of the official eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
comes the unofficial birds-of-a-feather flocking. Two sessions are
planned at the moment for Thursday, May 7 at 3:30pm.

1. Bettcha Didn’t Know Google Analytics Could do THIS
2. MindMeld

Bonus Session #1
Bettcha Didn’t Know Google Analytics Could do THIS

Caleb Whitmore from AnalyticsPros emailed me with an entry to the eMetrics Poetry Contest and a great idea. His poem?

Autumn eMetrics
World Changes Before Eyes Bright
Squirrel to Ninja

His great idea:

I most like to present about all things Google Analytics and in particular, doing things with GA that the Google people don’t even know you can do with GA, both on the advanced implementation technique side of things as well as the reporting side. Things like viewing any dimension (campaign, source, landing page, etc…) performance by DMA rather than city or state, setting up a local data warehouse for your GA data so you can archive and re-process using Urchin software but have data that still matches to your GA data, and more. The new advanced segments and custom reports add some great new capability as well and could fill an hour easily.

I wrote back and said something like:

I’m thinking of something that doesn’t really fit in the official Agenda.
I’m thinking we could put it at the very end of the Summit after my wrap up session.
I’m thinking you could present 15 minutes to kick off a group discussion called
…..Bettcha Didn’t Know Google Analytics Could do THIS…

and Caleb said:

I love it! Sounds like an easy addition and I think it would create an interesting add-on and provide a smorgasbord of GA knowledge.

So join Caleb in this un-conference session at the end of the day for the last dollop of technical insight, wisdom and enlightenment.

If you are less technically oriented and more the management type, the Second Ever MindMeld is happening at the same time.

Bonus Session #2
Second Ever MindMeld
Moving the Industry Forward

The First Ever MindMeld was held at the Omniture Summit 2009. Matt Langie, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Omniture asked John Lovett of Forrester Research and me to help coordinate. We formed into roundtable groups to discuss hot topics of the day which included measuring the impact of social media on brands, identifying best practices for measuring mobile and video and how to get the message of the power of analytics up the corporate power ladder. And discuss we did!

Matt’s team was kind enough to shoot some video of a couple of the “final reports”.

And Tony Bradshaw posted a few thoughts.

In a press release at that time, Matt said, “MindMeld will certainly ignite discussion and generate new ideas, which will carry forward to eMetrics and other industry events in partnership with the MindMeld attendees throughout the year.”

But that was only the beginning. Now, it’s time to take action.

This non-denominational, vendor inclusive, practitioner filled MindMeld meeting is designed to accelerate the conversation in order to answer the critical question:
What needs to happen to move the industry forward?

We have a strong Association in the WAA. We have a burgeoning collection of consultants, bloggers and tweeters. We have companies that are dedicated to providing software and services to this industry. All of these together can move mountains. MindMeld was created to meet face to face wherever discerning analysts gather in order to identify what those natural might be tasked with doing to help us all.

Come join the conversation. After a week of eMetrics, you’ll have a head full of idea – this is the place to share them.

If you know of others who should be on my list,
please pass this along.
Please RSVP to me at jsterne [at] targeting [dot] com

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