After spotting the Golden Ticket to the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, Kerry Breitenbach wrote:

Gosh, I am so excited at the thought of this deluxe conference experience that I can hardly contain myself. The spa day, the sweet ride… the oh so hard to get front row seats at all the conference sessions…..

I mean, I was so impressed with the Toronto conference that I’m coming back to San Jose and probably bringing a few coworkers, but now there is just going to be this incredible sense of emptiness if I am forced to experience things as a lowly regular conference goer when I know that this golden opportunity was available, and that there are other people snacking on my potential chocolates.

If only I hadn’t wasted my Jeopardy winnings on home repairs and bail money. (sigh)

I’m torn. If I just tried to expense the golden ticket, I could probably get it past my boss (he’s a big picture kind of guy) but then the total dollar amount would take it another step up the expense approval food chain. That guy might actually decide that as much as they value my services, I may not actually be bathrobe-worthy. It’s a dilemma. Maybe if the dinners and bar experiences can all be with people who are hiring ?

Probably too risky. Damn my cautious analytical nature.

Most of all, I really wanted that haiku.

Regretfully yours,

Kerry Breitenbach
Marketing Analyst

I had no choice but to ask if I could post this and replied:

Hope of Spring sunshine
Unobtainable desire
eMetrics rain falls

To which she replied:

Thanks for the haiku.
I’ll see you in San Jose!
Sure, blog my email.

To which I had no choice but to respond:

Blogging this weekend!
The haku are my pleasure.
Next stop – San Jose

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