Do You Want Fries With That?

How do you want to get your news?
Specifically, from me?

I can author a book
I can pen an article
I can distribute a newsletter
I can publish a blog post
I can post a comment to a newsgroup
I can tweet
I can present a PowerPoint
I can shout my opinion to passersby

The tricky bit is figuring out when to do what.

I was going to create a strategy for myself based on
subject matter, number of words, frequency, urgency
and whether the wind is southerly when it occurred
to me that I was going about this bassackwards.

The real question is:
How do YOU want to receive info from me?

While it would be tough to ask this question and
expect an answer via a book, I will cross post this
to most of the above and ask that you write to me
directly at

b [at] emetrics [dot] com

I can then bundle up your replies and author, pen,
distribute, publish, post, tweet, present and shout
the results back to you.

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