Kim Bayne, is a marketing communications and PR veteran, best-selling author on technology and marketing, freelance writer, conference speaker, former syndicated public radio host, pioneer of marketing discussion listservs, occasional crafts artisan, obsessed social media maven, Second Life freak, and opinionated, cynical nitpicker who shares her thoughts with no one in particular. She makes mouth-watering lemon chicken, stir-fried rice and other equally satisfying comfort food — at home, from scratch, claims her family — but only when she manages to drag her butt away from the computer.

All of the above is according to her, on her blog so, as John Stewart would say – no disrespect.

Kim, AKA @mincedmedia, was one of five speakers at what I still like to claim was the first Marketing on the Internet seminar series in September and October 1994. We toured five cities that first time: Los Angeles, San Jose, Seattle, Dallas, and Denver.

Those were heady days. In San Jose, only half the audience had an email address and only about 10% had actually seen the World Wide Web.

Yesterday afternoon, @mincedmedia tweeted this:

Kim Bayne@jimsterne Let’s play “Where are they now?”

As it turns out – I can manage 4 out of 5.

And let’s start with Kim… Aside from the above, Kim is a Senior Technical Writer/Content Developer at Intuit.

OK – that was easy – I would have said too easy, but that distinction belongs to Mark Gibbs.

Mark is still writing several columns for NetworkWorld, still involved in not-quite-yet-on-the-radar start-ups and still living close enough to my place in Santa Barbara that we meet mostly monthly for seaside dining, conversation and cigars.

Ron Richards continues to astonish his clients from his offices in San Francisco. He understood marketing optimization loooong before the Internet came to be and is a the master at using human psychology to tell you which variations you should be testing.

Jeff Osborn remains a bit of a mystery. He did very well from UUnet before the first bubble burst and was last seen on his ranch in one of the Virginias. Jeff – if you’re out there, do drop us a line, tweet, email, call, telepathic impulse or company launch.

That leaves me – Where am I now?

I am programing the next eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, still chairing the Web Analytics Association and have just committed to writing yet another book.

Where will I be tomorrow? Perhaps coming to a city near you?

Thanks for the walk down Memory Lane Kim. And it only required a 4GB upgrade.

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