A contest was held
To win eMetrics ticket
Winning Haiku here

eMetrics Haiku
Came pouring in this season
All hoping to win

From London, Zurich
Ljubljana, Slovenia
UK and Brazil

Some were beautiful
Some were educational
Best presented here

Some got attention
For classic use of season
Autumn comes again

autumn leaf descends
swirls around graying noggin
this life grows older

Conversion metrics
Regress slowly to their mean
Like leaves in autumn

Shabbir Safdar

Industry latest
Adobiture mentioned twice
1.8 billion

Remember ’09.
The last year of Omniture.
They’re at #eMetrics.

Tom Miller

Acquisitions happen,
Omniture knows.
Living and dying by the sword.

Web analytics
A cry in the wilderness
Likely solution

A differentiator
Why don’t they see it?

eMetrics helps us
Travel the difficult path
Through data to truth

Rhonda Berg, ForeSee Results

Vanity tested
Who says thy name is woman?
I am most flattered

optimize your life
at this measurement mecca
sterne’s team works magic

Jeremy Cooker

Flattery plus scale
Impressive combination
Worthy of notice

Dear Lord of Haikus,
I submit to thee my humble submission, for review by thy honorable eyes…

Oh where art thou my,
elusive analytics
of web visitors?

look how I beckon
thee, for thy ghastly insight
to convince HiPPos!

I sit and measure,
then twitch and search forever,
to finally find…

core nuggets of gold,
in recent emails of mine…
chance! a stroke of luck!

Jim Sterne gives a-way!
a free pass to the summit
to D.C. he say!

Web Gurus galore!
all the optimization,
networking, and more!

tests are calling from afar
thou must come hither!

by plane, train, or car?
No! by eMetrics Haikus
I reach for thy star!

Ali Salman Shah

Poor, sad editor
No trade shows for you, they say
I sneak in again

Fog over Twin Peaks
Emetrics beckons

Up and to the right
Google says this; I believe
Still, I must segment

ROI metrics
PPC? Now optimized
I ♥ Emetrics

Oh site visitors
Won’t you stay, perchance convert?
Bounce they go like balls

The data directs
No more gut-based marketing
Just test it, silly

I: A/B tested
She: So multivariate
We: Need a Jim Sterne

Many visitors
Why are you all so bouncy?
Bad navigation

Emetrics Summit
Big brains, so enlightening
Now I’m optimized

Willem Knibbe John Wiley & Sons

A difficult choice
Some Haiku so very good
Only one can win

data flowing hot
requires brain, not software –
reality check

Yonah Karp

rain water
flowing through the spiders web
watching drips

Phil Pearce

Turns Measurement to Action
As Cloth turns to Quilt

Farris Khan ForeSee Results

data flowing by
catch and release, catch again
streaming to the sea

Diane Gorine

One Haiku rings true
Captures conceptual soul
Feels like love poem

A visit, silent
On a server, a light blinks
I know you were here

Tom Miller

Some Some submitted late
By speakers who have tickets
All a gift of verse

Heart-felt ambition:
Provoke collegial verse.
Supreme achievement

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