This season’s eMetrics Haiku Classic has drawn to a close
and a winner has been selected. If you were unaware, here’s
the background:

And here are a few runners-up…

There were many pleas of poverty – next time, I’ll include
a statement that talent trumps pity.

eMetrics again.
I would really like to go.
My boss is too cheap.
—– (PLEASE publish anonymously!!)

Some were right on the money

Executives think
Can manage what you measure
Careful conclusions
—– Bilandsan

Who’s working where now?
They’ll all be at eMetrics.
Attribution rules.
—– Jim Cain

Some were a tad too esoteric

sun yellow erupts
crocuses bring forth their new
—– Peter Hartey

Some were philosophical

Variable views
Insights take different forms
Actions focus one
—– Bruce Stewart

Some were just the right amount of esoteric

Web analytics
It’s not what you think you know
But what you find out
—– Dominic Grzbielok

Some were long (and these two especially lovely)

Send your tweets to me,
Powering the Universe —
comfort my journey

What are you doing? –
Spring passions are revealed
In a sharp line graph

Winding through time,
the delta and baseline —
track twittering birds.

Trending down, a leaf
Spins into abandonment –
Documenting Fall

—– Joy Brazil

Geese in the Pond

Into winter skies,
Bellies full of bugs and fish,
Geese rise from the pond.

The bugs the birds chose,
Fish they picked for farewell feast,
How did they decide?

Numbers into thought,
And from thought we seed the pond.
Spring…the geese return.

—– Bruce Poropat

Some were long and autobiographical

About me:

Downsized by big oil
Life reorganized new start
found in e-Metrics

I am passionate
For questions that create growth

I am driven by
Collaboration and for
The bare-naked truth

e-Metrics Haiku:

Use Web 2 point O
Create a conversation
The world will join in!

Data Exhaust to
Predictive Analytics
Customer insights

Analyst’s asking
Clients the probing questions
Yielding e-Metrics

For curious minds
Data exhaust creates all
e-metric reports

Measure engagement
e-Metrics creates return
on web investments
—– Rehan Syed

And here, dear friends, I have fallen down on the job as
I have discovered not one – but two winners this time:

One captured the soul of Haiku and metrics

traffic to my site
like many precious snowflakes
melting into logs
—– B. Ahern

And the other was plaintive yet hopeful, insightful and
oh so au courant

Lost, in the abyss
Searching for the elusive
I found you, I shared

Message from the depths
Travelled far like a social
Butterfly effect
—– Ali Shah

Congratulations B. and Ali!

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