Dear eMetrics Speakers and Moderators –

Thank you.

This eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit (2010 in Washington D.C.) was not just another great conference – it was a breakthrough in the maturity of our industry.

In my keynote, I had a slide for the audience that said:

Thank You for Being

smart ———- Getting it
interested — Getting into it
proactive —- Getting attention
assertive —– Getting approval
organized —– Getting here on time
engrossed —- Getting a front row seat
open ———— Getting to know people

To you I say, Thank you for showing the world how sophisticated, organized, methodical, logical and successful marketing optimization has become. Thank you for showing us how it’s done.

The depth of knowledge delivered and the way we are growing this industry is extraordinary. It’s what I might have hoped for back in 2002, when I launched the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit – if only I’d have had the imagination to see it. This is remarkable. You are remarkable.

It seems upper management is on board and is beginning to grasp the competitive edge side of this whole data-driven marketing stuff.

While there was great buzz last May in San Jose, there was great confidence this October in Washington D.C. I am *very* excited about the upcoming combination of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, the Conversion Conference and the Predictive Analytics World at Data Driven Business Week in San Francisco in March, 2011.

Once again, I thank you for delivering the goods from the eMetrics stage.

Thank you for your eloquence.
Thank you for your dedication.
Thank you for your camaraderie.

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