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January 26, 2011
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In This Issue:

1. eMetrics Discount Ends Friday
2. eMetrics Keynotes You Don’t Want to Miss
3. WAA Code of Ethics
4. B2B Webinar Tomorrow
5. Silly Analytics
6. Call for eMetrics Speakers
7. That’s Me All Over
8. Where in the World is Jim Sterne?
9. Brought to You By

1. eMetrics Discount Ends Friday
Save up to $200 when you register for the eMetrics
Marketing Optimization Summit
, March 13-18 in
San Francisco. But you have to register by midnight
Friday (1/28)

Why go? Read on…

2. eMetrics Keynotes You Don’t Want to Miss
eMetrics just went Big time:

Tom Davenport on creating an analytics-business
Guy Kawasaki on measuring social media
Thornton May on analysts communicating with CXO’s
Eric Peterson & Best Buy case study
Yours Truly presents insights about the creation
of insights
Microsoft and Cisco on what CMOs want from analytics

And those are just the Keynotes!

3. WAA Code of Ethics
Ethical analytics? Do we really need to tell analysts not
to mess with people’s data? Yes – if we don’t want the
government to legislate it. Privacy has become a much more
serious concern these days and the major advertising
associations have published their Self-Regulatory
Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising

The Web Analytics Association has published its own Code of Ethics spelling out how to treat consumer data with the respect and attention it deserves.

There’s a short intro on YouTube and you can read the full
text and sign your name to it on the WAA website. Note: this
is a document for individuals, not companies. This is about
*your* commitment.

4. B2B Webinar Tomorrow
I will be presenting at the Summit on B2B Digital Marketing
tomorrow (Thursday) at 10:00 A.M. Pacific. The Summit consists
of three webinars on the future of B2B digital marketing brought
to you by CustomerThink’s Digital Marketing One community.

The webinars are set up in a panel-like format so there
is plenty of time to answer live questions from the audience.
I’m speaking on social media metrics (of course).

5. Silly Analysts
Since the middle of December, Emer Kirrane (@Exxx) has been
publishing silly interviews with well known web analytics
community members
. Sadly, the silliness seems to be seeping
out of them. [Do something about that Emer, will you??] Happily, the interviews are all informative, fun and engaging.

6. Call for eMetrics Speakers
Even with the San Francisco eMetrics Marketing Optimization
Summit ahead of us, it’s time to submit presentations for eMetrics Stockholm and submit presentations for eMetrics Washington D.C.
Bonus points for case studies!

7. That’s Me All Over
Good: Just a brief mention but a great article

Social Media Analytics: 6 Steps to Measuring What You Care About

Not So Good: Ouch!!

Sterne’s “Social Media Metrics” Lacks Insights… You May Wish to Look to Others

Grant’s biggest complaint?

… this book’s 9 Chapters only delivered unique,
valuable content in Chapter 8: “Getting Buy-In,
Convincing Your Colleagues”…The rest of Sterne’s
material seems like repurposed material from other
thought leaders like David Meerman Scott, Steve Krug,
the Eisenberg brothers, Halvorson, Jaffe, Kaushik
and others.

I guess I’m showing my age. In my day we called that

Four Metrics for Social Media Marketing Success

Marketing Analytics Maturity
Marketing analytics is not just about competitive
advantage, but also being a responsible adult.

Count Your Blessings
Five key performance indicators that will track the
metrics behind the real meaning of business this year.

How Much Is a Social Media Participant Worth?
If you guessed 29 cents, you’re right and wrong.
Here’s why.

Yes, I got a little silly on this one. But she said
it was the Silly Season!

Beyond Web Analytics – Adam and Rudi asked me to come
back and voice my opinions. Flattered.
Episode 38 – eMetrics and the WAA with Jim Sterne

Current WAA President Peter Sanborn took some great photos
of a monstrously successful WAA Symposium in Austin. This
was especially nice as he very graciously conceded that
Dell’s Ed Wu (Symposium organizer) totally bested Peter’s
efforts in Seattle at Microsoft’s WAA Symposium. Who’s up
for the challenge next? Watch this space.

8. Where in the World is Jim Sterne?
San Francisco, here I come… for the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, March 13-18

Deutschland, Deutschland, here I come… for the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, Munich, April 5-6

Way Down Under, here I come… for the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, Sydney, April 14-16

And try as I may, I just can’t get Toronto Ontario
properly to fit that song .. but I’m coming! for the
eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, Toronto, April 26-29

Same scanning problem with Paris, France for the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, June 6-7

9. Brought to You by Jim Sterne at Target Marketing:

Practical strategy
for getting the most
from your Web site

Seventeen years of online experience

Seven books on online marketing

One industry conference series

One industry association

And boy, are my arms tired.

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