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June 29, 2011

In This Issue:

1. Recap of eMetrics SF
2. What Do Execs Want From Web Analytics?
3. eMetrics Comes to NY
4. Analytics Gets Mouthy
5. That’s Me All Over
6. Where in the World is Jim Sterne?
7. Brought to You By

1. Recap of eMetrics SF
What? You missed the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
in San Francisco back in March? What a shame.

Fortunately, Tim Wilson (@tgwilson) captured the tweetstream
and Recapped the whole thing here: http://bit.ly/it1Emr
with commentary. Many, many thanks Tim!

2. What Do Execs Want From Web Analytics?
When I asked Peter Sanborn, Web Analytics and BI Manager at
Microsoft to be on a panel at eMetrics, he thought it would
be easy. I thought he’d be great. It wasn’t and he was. How?

Here’s Peter’s story about prepping for a keynote panel.
Well worth a read: http://bit.ly/mC7A5N

3. eMetrics Comes to NY
At ten years of age, eMetrics is now old enough for a trip
to the big Apple. Besides that, what’s different? Well, we
learned something important in San Francisco this time.
People love to see the big names like Guy Kawasaki and the
thought leaders like Thornton May. But unless they deliver
first rate info like Tom Davenport, they’re just fun and

The eMetrics audience wants *useful* and that’s what’s coming
to NYC October 17 – 21. More here:

4. Analytics Gets Mouthy
Make that potty-mouthy

Analytics (and reporting) is boring enough as it is.
Why not take the lighter side of it?

Nothing wrong with that – I’d just be a little uncomfortable
explain to my wife that I’m retweeting something called

“‘Fie, eah Analytics’? What the heck is that? Canadian, eh?”
“Never mind dear – You’re not the target audience.”

5. That’s Me All Over

Book Reviews
David Rosen writes:
But what’s really special about this book is that
this ton of information is laid out in a logical,
holistic way. Imagine you’d learned to navigate
the streets of Brooklyn over five years. Then one
day someone shows you a map. Sure, you recognized
the stores and parks and intersections. But to
see it laid out so completely… it lets you see
connections between what you know. And it’s simply
a pleasure.
Great analogy, David. Thanks! http://ow.ly/4hIxa

Karine Joly writes one thing she likes, one thing she
didn’t like too much and one big takeaway. Useful!

J-P De Clerck calls the book a “must-have”

Nate Ford provides this PPT summary of the book here:

Articles / Blog Posts
Event Horizon: Getting Elemental
So what do you absolutely *have* to measure?

The AlloSphere in Santa Barbara will blow your mind

Socially Inept Math
When the math gets in the way

Getting It Right Is a Moving Target
There is no end to the questions.

We Are Not Accountants
We deal in statistics, not beans

Watch Your Language
How well do you communicate internally?
Almost poetry

Don’t Believe Everything You Think
You are definitely biased

MythTech: the Holy Grail of Marketing
I really want to believe

Immeasurable Harm – Brand Out of Control
Branding is more nebulous than you think

Why to Join the WAA
Wherein I add my two cents to Andrew Edwards’ blog post

Four Web Analytics Gurus On Key Trends In 2011

Joan Tsepofat corners me at eMetrics in Sydney

Part 2 of my keynote on social media metrics in SF

6. Where in the World is Jim Sterne?
Thursday, July 21, San Francisco
OMMA Metrics
The Human Side of Social Media Metrics
Half Hour Keynote

Monday and Tuesday, September 19 and 20
eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, Stockholm

Tuesday, Ocotber 4, Vancouver IMC Internet Marketing
The Human Side of Marketing Analytics
One Hour Keynote

Wednesday – Thursday, October 19 – 21
eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, New York

Tuesday and Wednesday, October 15 – 16
eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, Melbourne

Wednesday and Thursday, November 30 and December 1
eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, London

7. Brought to You by Jim Sterne at Target Marketing:

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And boy, are my arms tired.

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