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August 19, 2011

In This Issue:

1. eMetrics Speaker Inundation
2. eMetrics Infographic Contest a Winner
3. Free Readable Download #1
4. Free Readable Download #2
5. A Word from the President
6. Time Waster of the Week
7. My Most Sincere Thanks – Ever
8. That’s Me All Over
9. Where in the World is Jim Sterne?
10. Brought to You By

1. eMetrics Speaker Inundation
Sincerest apologies to all those who were not chosen
to speak at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
in New York, October 17-21. I was besieged by submissions.

As a result, the audience is in for a real treat this go
around. I’m going back to basics: Smart specialists and
proactive brands share their insights and lessons learned.
No fluff – just really rich content.

Check out the line-up here: https://www.emetrics.org/newyork/

Oh – and the early bird ends Friday, Sept 2 so if you need
to run this up the flagpole for approval http://bit.ly/nNpE0O
there’s still time.

2. eMetrics Infographic Contest a Winner
When http://twitter.com/#!/FYeahAnalytics started tweeting
I had no choice but to follow. When I did, I saw this:

Hey the Web Analytics Godfather @jimsterne is following us!
Will he make us an offer we can’t refuse?

So I did:

@FYeahAnalytics Here’s an OYCR: Run a contest for a free pass
to #eMetrics & get 1 for yourself. Winner 2b picked by July 31.

…and a monster was born.

My deepest thanks to the mysterious @FYeahAnalytics (my lips
are sealed) and to all those who submitted. I knew we had some
great musical talent in this industry (Yes, I’m looking at you
@erictpeterson and @mattlangie!), but I would not have guessed
at the proliferation of artistic, infographic wonderfulness,
nor that I would be such an easy target.

The challenge? First – an infographic depicting the awesomeness
of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit. The three runners-
up were:

Jim Gordon: http://bit.ly/pNUtCu
Diana Huang: http://bit.ly/oLlug9
Florian Giudicelli http://bit.ly/o3Yskx

How to break the tie? Each was asked to reveal their lethal
analysis ninja skill. Jim Gordon took main prize with:

My method of analysis is data source dialysis –
saving from paralysis with Google and SiteCatalyst,
toppling HiPPO prowess with +1 analysis

Jim wins the free ticket to the eMetrics Marketing Optimization
Summit and may be pressed into service reciting this ninja skill
to a rap beat in the Lobby Bar http://emetrics.org/lobbybar.php

3. Free Readable Download #1
I’ve been an http://econsultancy.com fan for many years, If you
ever get the chance to talk with @AshleyFriedlein, you will too.

So I’m happy to help him with his ‘experiment in content
marketing’. What’s the experiment? They’re giving away a
46 page Internet Marketing Strategy briefing looking at
customer centricity, channel diversification, data, social
media and content strategy. This is their usual high grade
quality and worth a look:

4. Free Readable Download #2
I have a horse in this race… I was asked to contribute to
the CustomerThink e-book called Strategic Roadmap for Digital
Marketing. “15 articles. 50 pages. Priceless insights. Learn
from marketing thought leaders how to engage with customers
and create value for stakeholders in a complex digital world.
Covers digital channels, marketing techniques, accountability
and technology. Truly a must-read resource for every CMO!”
No registration required – links directly to PDF at box.net:

5. A Word from the President
… of the WAA that is. Here’s a quick read from Peter Sanborn,
current (and awesome) president of the Web Analytics Association
about the latest WAA Industry Outlook Survey that starts:

“In reviewing this year’s results, it struck me that our industry
has evolved from the youthful childhood stage into the thrilling,
but somewhat awkward, teenage years.”

6. Time Waster of the Week
Don’t blame me for this one – all thanks go to Emer Kirrane
for making too many precious minutes disappear by linking to
10 Websites That Will Make You Say… “Huh?” http://tnw.co/rabOm7
Hey, at least it’s not http://www.catsthatlooklikehitler.com

7. My Most Sincere Thanks – Ever
A very personal note. After a steady decline, my mother passed
away last month. She went very peacefully with my father and
sister by her side.

Mom was a very creative individual and supported the fledgling
Kronos Quartet from their humble beginnings 30 years ago. She
served on their Board and they played at my parents’ 50th Wedding
Anniversary in 1999.

I’d like to thank those who already have and those who are so
moved to send donations to the

Kronos Performing Arts Association
1242 9th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94122

In memory of Connie Sterne – for the commission of a new musical
piece in her honor.

My deepest thanks.

8. That’s Me All Over

Book Review
Thanks to @TinaArnoldi for suggesting my writing efforts
produced a “Good book for going beyond social media metrics
101….” http://ht.ly/5Skng

Thanks also to @stonetemple for saying our interview contained
“Awesome social media metrics stuff” http://stonet.co/oOZ5r9

Articles / Blog Posts
Great Metrics Are in the Paycheck of the Beholder

Trick Questions

Disdain Data Diving

OMMA Metrics Keynote, San Francisco, July 21, 2011
The Human Side of Social Media Metrics

9. Where in the World is Jim Sterne?
Monday & Tuesday, September 19 & 20
eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, Stockholm

Monday, October 3, Seattle
Web Analytics Association Symposium Seattle
One hour Keynote

Tuesday, October 4, Vancouver IMC Internet Marketing
The Human Side of Marketing Analytics
One Hour Keynote

Wednesday – Thursday, October 19 – 21
eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, New York

Wednesday, November 2, Philadelphia
Web Analytics Association Symposium Philly
One Hour Keynote

Tuesday & Wednesday, November 15 – 16
eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, Melbourne

Wednesday & Thursday, November 30 & December 1
eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, London

10. Brought to You by Jim Sterne at Target Marketing:

Practical strategy
for getting the most
from your Web site

Eighteen years of online experience:
Eight books on online marketing:
One industry conference series:
One industry association:
And boy, are my arms tired.

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