The eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit is garnering record breaking crowds and it ain’t the economy … it must be the speakers and the content.

eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit

A while back I wrote a deposit check to the Hilton New York large enough keep me awake.

Taking over a premier conference space is a gamble and wakefulness is the natural side effect.

But this week, I see the registration numbers more than double our largest show. That was in 2008 just as the stock market lost did the free-fall.

So what’s the draw?

It turns out that the analytics crowd is more interested in stories from the front lines than in entertaining Name Brand speakers. Last March, in San Francisco, the audience loved listening to Thornton May, author of The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics. They were fascinated to learn Guy Kawasaki‘s take on using Twitter to drive publisher revenue. But that’s not really why they came.

They wanted to hear from the horses’ mouths. They wanted actual case studies. That’s why Tom Davenport is returning to the eMetrics stage. He’s got the goods on how companies are turning into analytical organizations.

And it’s why these companies were invited to present:

Autodesk & Best Buy – How to fix a bad web analytics implementation
Belron – Everything you wanted to know about multivariate testing
BPA – Working with panel and third party data
Center for Democracy & Technology – Do Not Track and the future of privacy
Choice Hotels, Mediacom & Ogilvy – Optimizing spend across online and offline channels
Comcast, MTV & Turner Broadcasting – Managing and measuring media websites
eBay – Being data driven in a seriously Big Data world
ESPN – Being data driven and intuitive at the same time
Expedia – Using web data for Marketing Return on Investment studies of offline effectiveness
Fidelity Investments – Multi-touch attribution keynote
Harte-Hanks, MarketShare & Sonic Foundry – How do you give credit to multiple promotions?
Econsultancy & Hearst Newspapers – Optimizing content for revenue
Nissan – Using behavioral data to launch a new type of car
RAPP New York – Using behavioral intent to drive consumer experiences
Samsung Electronics – Holistic Measurement of Mobile Performance
Shop Direct Group – Driving retail profitability in a multichannel ecosystem
Vail Resorts – Connecting vertical feet skied with Facebook and Twitter via a website, 2 mobile sites, an iPhone app, Android app, and Facebook apps
Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative – What happens when data researchers have their way with corporate data?

And why these experts are coming to reveal what they know:
See the full list of eMetrics NY speakers

Dean Abbott
Gary Angel
Shaina Boone
Vicky Brock
Barbara Coll
Thomas Davenport
Greg Dowling
Peter Fader
Matthew Gellis
Adam Greco
Stephane Hamel
Ross Jenkins
Alex Langshur
Kevin Lee
June Li
Rebecca Lieb
John Lovett
Katie Paine
Heath Podvesker
Geoff Ramsay
Mark Ryan
Joseph Stanhope
Jim Sterne
James Taylor
Dana Todd
Stefan Tornquist
Jennifer Veesenmeyer
Marty Weintraub
Caleb Whitmore
Tim Wilson

The most surprising thing is that the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit is only a part of Data Driven Business Week – a multi-conference extravaganza of profit-making, analytical brain power:

Predictive Analytics World
Conversion Conference
Internet Marketing Conference
Text Analytics World
GAUGE (Google Analytics Users’ Great Experience)

So it seems the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit is an overnight success after only 10 years. We have struck a chord with those who know there is more insight to be gleaned from the data they already have and are hungry for new and different types of optimization.

The eMetrics audience wants practical, tactical advice, some theory and conjecture and a lot of networking.

Me too.

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