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December 20, 2011

 In This Issue:

    1. eMetrics SF 2012 Agenda Online
    2. > 150 Web Site Testing Tools
    3. A/B Testing Compendium
    4. Your Guess is as Good As Mine
    5. That’s Me All Over
    6. Where in the World is Jim Sterne?
    7. Brought to You By

 1. eMetrics SF 2012 Agenda Online
 San Francisco will again host the eMetrics Marketing
 Optimization Summit, March 4-9. Keynotes, breakouts,
 clinics and workshops with Comcast, eBay, ESPN, Harrah’s,
 IBM, Intuit, Microsoft, Red Cross, Walmart and more.

 2. > 150 Web Site Testing Tools
 You know Bryan Eisenberg. If not, you should – because
 Bryan is a professional, perpetual giver. His books, his
 presentations, his consulting are all filled with value.

 Now, he’s gone a step further:

 The Online Marketer’s Toolbox
 “Free, Low cost, and Enterprise tools to improve your
 website & online marketing efforts”


 Bonus from Brian: Check out http://www.AnalyticsToolBag.com
 “Hammers and chisels for analysts and data scientists.”

 3. A/B Testing Compendium
 Unbounce (a self-serve hosted service that provides marketers
 doing paid search, banner ads, email or social media marketing,
 the easiest way to create, publish & test promotion specific
 landing pages without the need for IT or developers) has curated
 “45 Awesome Posts on A/B, Multivariate, and Usability Testing”

 Awesome:  http://bit.ly/uVOcQX

 4. Your Guess is as Good As Mine
 Here comes 2012 – Everybody duck!

 _____ will acquire _____.
 _____ will seek Chapter 11 protection.
 _____ will go seriously viral and spawn a new line of kids’
 toys, perfume, board games, YouTube satire mixes and become
 the hottest Halloween costume.
 _____ will be credited for the revolution in _____.
 _____ will announce his/her retirement and come back to
 create an astonishingly successful _____ company.
 _____ will portray _____ in a blockbuster movie that tells
 the inside story about how _____ was founded.
 The economy will _____.

 And I’m happy to put money on any of those predictions.

 5. That’s Me All Over

 Articles / Blog Posts
 How Idiots Track Success http://bit.ly/mTWXxl
     Virtual Interaction Supposedly Initiating Transaction
     Little Intrinsic Karma Enhancement
     Folks Only Looking for Little, Obvious, Wealth
     Enhancing Rewards
     Frequently Ranting Individuals Endeavoring to Nab
     Tirades Wishing for Envisaged Error Attention

 Measure Marketing Failures
 Successes feels better, but your mistakes can be more

 Chief Analytical Officer
 You deal in numbers… so does the CFO

 The 6 Most Important Online Marketing Metrics – Ever

 Playing Politics With Analytics
 Trying to create a data accommodating culture

 Asking Better Questions
 “That’s a really good question.” How do you know?

 The Horse’s Mouth
 Sometimes the answers are not in the numbers.

 I get to interview Tom Davenport
 It ain’t about the math it is about the relationships
 (9 minute video)

 TechVibes asks me 5 questions about marketing analytics
 (Short read)

 Thoroughly Modern Marketing asks me to reveal what I was
 going to present in Vancouver about social media metrics
 and uses a rather odd photo of yours truly.

 TagMan lets me win at slot cars and then asks me about
 the future of tag management.
 (Hint – I think it’s inevitable!)

 SiteVisibilty in the UK dishes up this audio interview
 about social media metrics
   (25 minute podcast)

 Nicolas Malo asks, “What really matters in Web Analytics
 today?” and gives me 1 minute to reply.

 6. Where in the World is Jim Sterne?
 Wednesday, January 11, Burlingame, CA
 DMA of Northern California
 Social Media Metrics workshop

 Wednesday, January 28, Santa Monica, CA
 Web Analytics Association Symposium
 The Future of Analytics, Keynote

 Monday – Friday, March 5 – 9
 eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, San Francisco

 Tuesday & Wednesday, March 27-28
 eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, Munich

 Monday – Wednesday, April 23 – 25
 eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, Toronto

 7. Brought to You by Jim Sterne at Target Marketing:

    Practical strategy
    for getting the most
    from your Web site

 Eighteen years of online experience:
 Eight books on online marketing:
 One industry conference series:
 One industry association:
 And boy, are my arms tired.

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