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January 6, 2012

In This Issue:

    1. 3 Symantec Case Studies – and Me
    2. Meanwhile in Santa Monica
    3. Experience Catch 22
    4. Question of the Year
    5. That’s Me All Over
    6. Where in the World is Jim Sterne?
    7. Brought to You By

 1. 3 Symantec Case Studies – and Me
 Michael Parker is the Vice President of Strategic Marketing
 at Symantec. I spoke with him for about half an hour and can’t
 wait to see his presentation on Wednesday in Burlingame. He’s
 got some great experiences, some great stories and more than
 a little passion about online marketing metrics.

 Which makes me slightly nervous, because I follow his
 lunch speech with a workshop on Social Media Metrics.
 See you there?

 2. Meanwhile in Santa Monica
 A stellar line-up is set to appear at the WAA LA Symposium:
 Analytical Success Stories from West Coast Marketers on
 the following Wednesday, the 18th.

   John Lovett, Web Analytics Demystified; WAA Board
   Autumn Christiano, TPG/Toyota
   June Dershewitz, Apollo Group, WAA Board
   Dave Dimas, UCI
   Jenny Howell, Honda
   Shawn Hushman, Kelley Blue Book
   Thuy Kim, Experian Consumer Direct
   Justin Kistner, Webtrends
   Jon Narong, Beachbody
   Kristin Toomey, Petco

 And even with all that, they’re going to let me speak too!

 3. Experience Catch 22
 Do you go about getting experience if you don’t have any
 experience? You reach out to a mentor who has a project
 and will guide you through the endeavor in an avuncular
 (or materteral) manner.

 Where do you find such people and such projects?
 Glad you asked.

     The Analysis Exchange is an effort to dramatically
     increase the number of people on Earth doing web
     analytics the right way. We (Web Analytics Demystified)
     provide free webanalytics consulting to non-profits
     and NGOs around the world and our projects take less
     than four weeks to complete.

     Generously sponsored by IQ Workforce, The Analysis
     Exchange is creating an entirely new way to teach
     digital measurement best practices by connecting
     great causes with experienced mentors and motivated

 That just rocks.

 4. Question of the Year
 What comes after “Big Data” ??
 Email your answer: jsterne [at] targeting [dot] com

 5. That’s Me All Over

 How Curiosity Works and Why You Should Care
 Hint – it’s all about drugs!

 Presentation Review
 Andrew Warren-Payne, Research Analyst at Econsultancy seemed to
 like my keynote at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
 in London well enough to summarize it here: http://bit.ly/xRIVQ0
 Thanks Andrew!

 SAS Software seemed to like my point of view well enough to
 capture some of it on video and post it here:
 I almost sound coherent!

 6. Where in the World is Jim Sterne?
 In case you missed #’s 1 and 2 above….

 Wednesday, January 11, Burlingame, CA
 DMA of Northern California
 Social Media Metrics workshop

 Wednesday, January 18, Santa Monica, CA
 Web Analytics Association Symposium
 The Future of Analytics, Keynote

 Monday – Friday, March 5 – 9
 eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, San Francisco

 Monday – Wednesday, April 23 – 25
 eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, Toronto

 7. Brought to You by Jim Sterne at Target Marketing:

    Practical strategy
    for getting the most
    from your Web site

 Eighteen years of online experience:
 Eight books on online marketing:
 One industry conference series:
 One industry association:
 And boy, are my arms tired.

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