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February 6, 2012

 In This Issue:

    1. What Comes After Big Data?
    2. eMetrics Early Bird Ending Friday
    3. eMetrics Videos
    4. Catching Lighting in a Jar
    5. Analytics Scholarships
    6. Where in the World is Jim Sterne?
    7. Brought to You By

 1. What Comes After Big Data?
 In the last issue of Sterne Measures, I asked: What comes
 after Big Data?

 Of the many responses that hurtled in over the Intertubes,
 these deserved mention:

 David Mcbride who has an email address that ends with
 @Comcast.com because he works there, said that the natural
 progression would be:

   Non-linear regressions via neural network models
   Acronym: NLRVNNM
   Also known as Intelligent Network
   Also known as Skynet

   We better have our questions ready, because once we
   turn it on, we’ll only have a minute before the
   system becomes self-aware and decides to enslave us.

 SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics
 did some crowd sourcing and came up with:

   Define and understand assumptions. Don’t be a hedge fund.
   – Doug Milam

   The mind boogles (like boggles, only bigger) at the
   opportunity this suggests.  Let me ponder (or is it
   poonder?)   But it’s certainly bigger than a google
   in size, so maybe it’s a poonderplex!
   – Roger Parker


   A Big Corporate Choice:  either learn to respond quickly
   or keel over.”
   – Kerstin Bailey

 Eric Siegel, the Main Man over at Predicative Analytics
 World http://www.pawcon.com suggested that after Big Data:

   We all live happily ever after. The prequel is much more
   interesting than the sequel, because, from a purely
   analytical perspective, the challenges come when you have
   too *little* data. The prequel dramatically depicts all
   sorts of developments in machine learning, decision trees,
   neural networks and leveraging a few puny hundred rows
   of data – wow! It’s in black and white but always a classic.
   There’s no such thing as Big Data since analytically you
   will always wish for more data, no matter what.”

 I’m inclined to believe Eric, but I’d need more data.

 2. eMetrics SF: Now With Retail Analytics
 Since the last time you checked, I am thrilled to report that
 we’ve added Adam Kmiec, the Director, Social Media from
 Walgreens and Balaji Ram, Senior Leader in Site Analytics &
 Optimization at Walmart.Com to our list of keynotes for
 the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, San Francisco,
 March 5-9.

 Check out the entire line-up here:

 3. eMetrics Videos
 Not sure if you *want* to go to the eMetrics Marketing
 Optimization Summit? Look over these (continuously updated)
 videos from past conferences. Thanks to @danielwaisberg
 for: http://online-behavior.com/emetrics

 4. Catching Lighting in a Jar
 Google Analytics in a jar?
 Believe it.

 5. Analytics Scholarships
 Web Analytics Demystified – you know, the people behind
 The Web Analytics Forum, Web Analytics Wednesday, Twitalyzer,
 the ACCELERATE events and the Analytics Exchange? Yeah,
 them – have now announced the Analysis Exchange Scholarship

 Whazzat? Glad you asked.

 It’s money –

    …to recognize and promote ‘stand out’ talent
    in the digital measurement field. Funded in part
    by donations from the 2012 Analysis Exchange
    sponsors IQ Workforce and ObservePoint, these
    funds will allow web analytics workers who
    participate in the Analysis Exchange to request
    and receive monies to attend conferences, pay
    for relevant classwork, and pay association dues.

 How can it be spent?

    … to attend great conferences like ACCELERATE and
    eMetrics or to take the University of British
    Columbia’s Award of Web Analytics Achievement courses.

 I thought that was such a cool idea that I threw in three
 free tickets to the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
 so scholarship winners could use their $$ for travel.

 Eric, Adam, John and (now) Brian have done it again.

 6. Where in the World is Jim Sterne?
 Monday – Friday, March 5 – 9
 eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, San Francisco

 Monday – Wednesday, April 23 – 25
 eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, Toronto

 And – save the dates, details to follow –
 eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Chicago. June 25 & 27
 eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Boston, October 1 – 5
 Yes – Boston!

 7. Brought to You by Jim Sterne at Target Marketing:

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    for getting the most
    from your Web site

 Eighteen years of online experience:
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 And boy, are my arms tired.

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