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February 28 2012

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 2. Where in the World is Jim Sterne?
 Monday – Friday, March 5 – 9
 eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, San Francisco

 Monday – Wednesday, April 23 – 25
 eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, Toronto

 Monday & Tuesday, June 25 & 26
 eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Chicago.

 October 1 – 5
 eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Boston,
 Yes – Boston!
 Call for Speakers:

 3. Brought to You by Jim Sterne at Target Marketing:

    Practical strategy
    for getting the most
    from your Web site

Eighteen years of online experience:
 Eight books on online marketing:
 One industry conference series:
 One industry association:
 And boy, are my arms tired.

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