Every now and then, I get a phone call out of the blue….

OK, mostly I get an email out of the blue, asking for a time for a phone call, but sometimes they just call.

Telemarketers? Nope, just the opposite. They are people just like you who are curious about theeMetrics Summit.

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Sure there’s metric boatloads of info on the website

Videos (including one of me in my car – What was I thinking?)
A list of companies that have attended in the past
Testimonials from attendees
And my favorite: Funding Approval Success Tips

And sometimes, they just want to ask a human if the eMetrics Summit is right for them.

Now, of course, I would like everybody to come to the eMetrics Summit!

But I am much more interested in having everybody who comes to find it valuable. So I am careful in my recommendations.

“I’m a student and I can’t afford it and I’m not sure if I’m interested in this industry.”

You should come and check it out. A) We have a 50% discount for students. B) If you’re serious and really will show up, we can trade a two- or three-day pass in exchange for volunteering.

“I’m an SEO / SEM person and don’t know if this is going to help me.”

It absolutely will help you. Search is just one of many data streams. The eMetrics Summit is all about analyzing multiple data streams. Nobody is an expert in all areas – so if you know lots and lots about search, you can learn how to integrate that data with all the other streams. And you might be just the right person to give a presentation to the rest of us about search analytics. Check out the Call for Speakers.

“I’ve done A/B split testing, multivariate testing, email remarketing, display retargeting, data visualization, social media sentiment analysis and much more. I’ve been at this for years. In fact, I am now in charge of a team of people who do those things. What the heck can I learn at this conference?”

1. The keynotes are major, name-brand  companies with big budgets who are leading the charge. You’ll learn what is troubling even the best and the brightest and find out how they are tackling those problems. where we are headed. They also share where they are headed next.

2. The eMetrics Strategy Track covers the gamut from marketing mix modeling to managing your career. Learn something to enhance your corporate analytics strategy. How do you optimizing your optimization program? How do you protect customer privacy? How about the art of meaningful scorecards and dashboards? You’ll also learn insights about career path options, hiring guidance and how to communicate insights better so you are more influential.

3. You’ll get a lot out of the eMetrics Management Track because people and process are trickier than technology. Planning and implementing solid process management, explaining the niceties of online analytics to senior executives, how to build a cost effective, high value analytics team – these things are not found in the manual or the online help pages. These are people skills, you can learn from people.

“I love marketing , but I find math intimidating. Can I really get into this without a PHD in statistics? I was an English Major in college.”

Yeah, me too – Shakespeare.

“We’re a non-profit and have no money for conferences, tools, analysts, etc. But I really want to come and learn. Is that possible?”

  1. See the above answer about volunteers and 50% off for students, non-profits and government.
  2. Check out the Analysis Exchange before you do anything else!

Finally, if you want to ask a human if the eMetrics Summit is right for you, call me.

I’m human.

Jim Sterne
805-965-3184 x 4

(Weird fact: I’ve had that phone number since 1979)

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