I’m a risk-adverse guy.

I wear a seat belt. I pay my bills when they arrive. My passwords have at least one upper case letter, one number and one special character.

Nevertheless, I have been most successful when I put myself at risk, stick my neck out, and take the initiative.

My most successful partnerships have been those where somebody came up to me and said, “Here’s this really great idea and here’s how it can work and here’s what I have already done and here’s what I am willing to do.” And vice versa – when I have made that offer to others.

Understand, ideas are a dime a dozen. I come up with six new ideas before breakfast. “I’m an ideas guy” = “I don’t know how to prioritize, management and get things done.”

The magic is in taking the time to map out the execution and make it happen.

So if you’re waiting for somebody else to give you the initiative, to put you in the driver’s seat, to hand you the keys to the kingdom, I hope you brought some supplies and a sleeping bag because it’s going to be a long wait.

You have to take the initiative.

You want to further your career? I can help. I can’t do it for you, but I can help.

For the past twelve years, I’ve been busting my butt to create the very best eMetrics Summit I can – for you. But all I can do is offer you the opportunity. You have to take the initiative.


Glad you asked.

1. Convince your Bosses

Explain to your boss and your spouse and your team how this conference will open up new doors and make you a more valuable contributor – a more valuable asset – to the company. Map out the costs and list out the benefits. What are the costs? There are many options, but here’s a good starting point:

A. Three Day eMetrics Summit pass plus one workshop
B. Five nights of hotel at the Group Rate
C. Airfare
D. Incidentals
~     400
~     400

It costs about $30,000 to attend a year at the University of California. A little more than that to attend NYU and you may come away from that year with a certificate of achievement. You could also spend $66,500 for a Master of Science in Business Analytics Program that will take a year and require travel to New York and Singapore. Or, you could spend a week at the eMetrics Summit and come away with specific skills you can apply to your job immediately and have joined a vibrant community that has been built on collaboration and mutual respect.

Many one- or two-day professional development seminars will cost about $3,000. Tutored online courses are more. The prices shown above for eMetrics Summit do not take into account early bird discounts or discounts from the Digital Analytics Association. (Hot tip: a $199 membership in the DAA can save you $500 off the cost of the registration price shown above. How’s that for math?)

Here are some more ideas: Funding Approval Success Tips (or: How To Convince Your Boss)

What’s the benefit? A smarter, better connected you with better ideas about how things might work, a knowledge of the current tools to make them work and loads of examples from others on what does not work.

2. Invest in Yourself

Sometimes taking the initiative means more than asking others to foot the bill.

Some professions require continuing education. This is your opportunity to show your current (and future) employer that you are serious about being the best you can be. The proactive analyst – the one who takes the initiative – is the one who will be given more responsibility which leads to more experience which leads to an ascending career.

Take a week off of work. Hit your savings account and finance your advancement.

If you want to improve your professional competence and stay on top of new technology and techniques, there’s no better way that to immerse yourself in the subject with hundreds of others face-to-face. There’s nothing better than being there and having personal conversations with the experts and peers. That’s how relationships are made and we all remember: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

3. Speak

If you feel you won’t learn anything from this investment, then how about proving it by teaching? I am always looking for the most knowledgeable, most experienced and best speakers for the eMetrics Summit and that could be you.

Check out the Call for Speakers and submit a session for next year. And give some serious consideration to coming to the next, upcoming eMetrics Summit to get a feel for the quality of the other speakers and the depth of the subject matter.

How about a workshop? If you know a lot and can captivate an audience for a full day, I want to know! Take a look at the workshops are given alongside of the eMetrics Summit, as well as the workshops alongside its sister conferences: Conversion Conference and Predicative Analytics World.

And if you feel your perspective is truly innovative, keep in mind that those other conferences started as workshops.

4. Volunteer

Producing a conference takes a lot of work and we accept two types of volunteers. The first types, we put to work doing crowd control: helping people find the right rooms, checking badges and counting heads. Yes, you get to see a fair number of sessions, but the work comes first. This isn’t just a free ticket. You will be put to work. If you’re interested, please email me at jsterne [at] targeting [dot] com. But hurry, because we have a professional team and the volunteers are just fill-ins. Translation: we only take a few.

The alternative type is being a track Moderator. The Moderator is responsible for the room; keeping things on time, introducing the speakers and managing the Q&A at the end of each session. If you can handle a podium and a microphone, know enough about the industry to realize the impact of the subject matter being delivered, and want to be considered for this vital, visible role, then email me at jsterne [at] targeting [dot] com and we’ll talk.

Taking Initiative is a Three Part Process

1. Set your mind on a goal
2. Determine how to best reach that goal
3. Go all in

If you want to keep up with the latest and greatest in digital marketing analytics by mingling with and becoming one of the best and the brightest (#1), then attending the eMetrics Summit is your best bet (#2).

#3 is up to you.  Are you in?

Take the initiative.
You won’t be alone.
You won’t be sorry.

And fasten that seat belt. The eMetrics Summit is a wild ride.

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