The eMetrics Summit Can Change Your Life

The eMetrics Summit has certainly changed my life, but that’s because I’m the founder of the event and one of the nurturers of the community. But what about the people who have not dedicated the last dozen years of their working life to it? What about the attendees?

emos_blog_logoI was curious. So I sent out an email to some who have come to the eMetrics Summit over the years and asked how it had impacted their thinking, their work and their lives.  Here’s what I heard:

There was exposure to people and ideas that left my mind churning away with ideas… ideas on how to communicate, what to analyze, what’s coming next…

Todd Belcher, Digital Analytics Manager

            Putnam Investments

eMetrics has allowed me to expand my skill set as a Marketer in the digital space and understand how accurate data can contribute to making even better media choices.

            Tim Goudie, Director of Social Media Sustainability Marketing

            The Coca-Cola Company

Meeting with, listening to and bouncing ideas off my peers was a great way for me to confirm best practices and learn how to impact change.

            Kristin Robinson, Senior. Manager, NPS & Digital Insights


No other event draws Analytics all-stars from vendors, consultancies and practitioner brands from around the globe for such networking opportunities.

            John Lovett, Senior Partner

            Web Analytics Demystified & President, Digital Analytics Association

To say eMetrics influenced my career is an understatement – it literally changed my life. I have good memories of my first speaking appearance at eMetrics SF in 2007: I was shy and unsure of myself, but quickly felt welcomed, supported and bonded. Sharing dinner with industry leaders was the highlight of the event – some of whom I now consider friends. Over the years I learned from the best, realigned my career path and I’m blessed to have spoken over twenty five times at eMetrics events in America and Europe. eMetrics is much more than a conference, it’s a game changer for those who are willing to engage.

            Stéphane Hamel, Director of Innovation

            Cardinal Path

I am putting forth a new strategy for how our department works and is structured. If I don’t get any traction or if it’s not well received, I will look for opportunities elsewhere.


 emos_blog_image121913All of those answers (and more) made me proud of the work we’ve done to create a viable, valuable event that can make a difference to individuals. But that last one really got me.

The eMetrics Summit has been eye-opening and inspirational enough that it has turned people into change agents – people so passionate about their vision that if they can’t make it happen where they are, they realize it’s time to go elsewhere.

The lighthearted, flippant thing to say here is, “My work here is done.” But that would be fallacious. In fact, my work here is just starting.

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