Hey, remember these fun videos?

First, there was the “Modern Data Analyst”

Then came “The Day Our Privacy Died”


Well, it’s time for the eMetrics Summit to get funky.  Uptown Funky!

Why?  ‘Cause it’s time to take the eMetrics Summit Uptown where
eMetrics gonna’ give it to ya!


Now it’s time for you to help me out with my next endeavor.

Without giving away anything, this next one is also a very popular
music video and it needs YOU to be in it.

Grab your phone and give me a few seconds of you bobbing your head
or kicking up your feet or drumming on the table… anything.

And hey – you could win a free ticket to the eMetrics Summit. How?
Email your video clips to me [jsterne [at] targeting [dot] com] by the end of
March, 2015. Easy as that.


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