PowerPoint Karaoke at
eMetrics Summit

Be Careful What you Wish For

It started out quite simply, with a tweet.

@LeaPica posted:

PowerPoint. Karaoke. And Improv. Santa finally got my letter:
http://leapica.me/1I220MQ  @jimsterne idea for @emetrics?


To which I could not help but reply:

I hereby challenge @LeaPica to PowerPoint Karaoke http://leapica.me/1I220MQ  April 2 at #eMetrics Wrap. Who else wants a piece of this??

Lea Pica struck back:

Challenge. Cautiously. Accepted. I nominate a reluctant @tgwilson for the challenge!

And so – it’s ON.




What is it?
Each contestant delivers a 5-slide PowerPoint deck they have not seen before.

How will it work?
Each contestant creates a 5-slide PowerPoint deck for the other contestants.

Who wins?
Based on applause line-up at the end

Who keeps score?
The audience

What’s the prize?
Bragging rights and a copy of Jim Sterne’s Social Media Metrics book in Japanese.

Who can play?
The first five brave souls to tweet their willingness….
@Jim_Cain – all eyes are on you!


 We’ve got ourselves a contender!!


That’s four – room for one more. James Cain, whom do you name?

But wait…  what’s this?

While Mr Cain is still turning his hat around, @therustybear (None other than Russell McAthy) has thrown HIS hat into the ring:


And there you have it – a full complement of courageous contestants.

Lea, Tim, Jim, Russell and myself  will prepare a 5 slide deck to be delivered sight-unseen by a randomly selected opponent.

On site, the audience will offer up five random topics sight-unseen that will be randomly assigned to the speakers. Yes, our contestants will have to present slides they have not seen to illustrate a topic they will not know of in advance.

At the end of five presentations, the audience will indicate their favorite through varying db levels of applause.

Simple, right?

The Prizes:

At the moment, the prizes stand at bragging rights, a copy of Jim Sterne’s Social Media Metrics book in Japanese and a bottle of Educated Guess Merlot:


Other prizes are likely to be added to this list by analysts known and unknown.

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