Would you do me a favor? I am just starting to delve into this one and need some feedback: What’s different about digital analytics after they log in?

So much of the work we do and the focus of blogs, articles and events is on conversion. So much so that last year, I started the Media Analytics Summit (coming again in October in New Orleans), which is all about publishers. They are sick about hearing about shopping carts!

At the last eMetrics Summit in San Francisco, a couple of conversations got me thinking about another aspect of the whole online experience that could benefit from analytics: exploring the data generated by those who log in.

Lock and KeyIt could easily be said that this is no longer about marketing and instead is about product management. Your website is now a product. if I log in, I am interacting with you as a customer. I may be a paid customer (think TurboTax, online banking or any Software-as-a-Service) or using a free service in exchange for personal information (think YouTube, Facebook or Twitter). In many cases, the login is the first step on the way to becoming a paying customer (think Google, LinkedIn or Dropbox).

How does analytics change when we shift the conversation from marketing, sales and attribution to product management, usability and customer satisfaction?

Are you using analytics to review post-login activities?
If so, I’d like to hear from you.

How do you set goals and KPI’s for post-login analytics?
How is working with the product team different from working with marketing?
Do you have a separate staff for post-login analytics?
Different tools?
Do you run into a whole host of regulatory restrictions about what you may collect?

If you are not the one involved, is there another person in your company who worries about such things? Would you be kind enough to pass along a link to this article and ask them to comment?

If, as I imagine, this is a unique area of particular interest, I’d like to get the conversation started. If there are already discussion groups, blogs and events that exist, I’d like to get a clue…

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