eMetrics Summit Interview Series: Reid Bryant at Brooks Bell

In anticipation of his co-presentation at the eMetrics Summit in San Francisco, April 3-6, 2016, we asked Reid Bryant, Data Scientist at Brooks Bell, a few questions about pursuing digital marketing efficiency and effectiveness. Check out his interview in relation to his eMetrics Summit co-presentation entitled, Improving Customer Experience Through Testing & Personalization.

Q: How does your company leverage digital analytics to help inform business decisions?

Reid BryantA: Digital analytics is the alpha and the omega. At Brooks Bell, we focus on helping enterprise-level organizations maximize online revenue through website testing and experimentation. Data starts the process by helping to highlight potential user experience issues that hinder site performance. We strategize on improvements, build the experiences, and test them on live traffic to understand the impact. Data ends the process by highlighting which experience performed best and the range of forward-looking results the client could expect by implementing the alternative experience.

Q: What’s the most valuable thing you learned in 2015? What’s the most important goal/trend for digital analysts to keep in mind as they look to 2016?

A: The goal of most personalization solutions is to create groups with members as similar as possible to other members within the same group and as different as possible to members of other groups. Creating a framework to best represent the underlying structure in the data is a tough task.  Even more difficult is trying to create classification rules to predict group membership of future site visitors. We’ve learned some valuable lessons exploring this topic; the best advice is iteration and experimentation.

QeMetrics: What’s the latest analytics method/process/tool set that you have implemented and what advice would you give others?

A: We’re focused on A/B testing and optimization, so it’s absolutely critical that our pre-test data exploration and post-test analysis is accurate and scalable. Our team has made great strides using the free, open source statistical language of R to perform this kind of work. R is a great solution anytime you find yourself having to take a coffee break while waiting for Excel to load or find yourself performing repetitive tasks that a scripting language could help automate.

Q: What do you wish you could tell your five-years-ago self about this industry?

A: Considering my five-years-ago self was working in a real estate finance role, I wish I could have told myself to jump ship sooner! The intersection of digital analytics and business is an exciting place. Although data is unforgiving and has a way of humbling us all, I wish I would have gotten in even sooner.


Q: Sneak preview: Please tell us a take-away that you will provide during your talk at the eMetrics Summit.

A: Hopefully you will leave with an understanding of the benefits of taking a scientific approach to personalization projects while balancing the practical realities of profitably implementing your solutions.


Don’t miss Reid’s co-presentation, Improving Customer Experience Through Testing & Personalization, at the eMetrics Summit, on Tuesday, April 5 , 2016  from 3:30 to 4:15 pm. Click here to register for attendance.


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