eMetrics Summit Interview Series: Lea Pica at Team Demystified & LeaPica.com

In anticipation of her presentation at eMetrics Summit in San Francisco, April 3-6, 2016, we asked Lea Pica, Digital Analytics Consultant, Presentation & Data Visualization Coach at Team Demystified & LeaPica.com, a few questions about pursuing digital marketing efficiency and effectiveness. Check out her interview in relation to her eMetrics Summit presentation entitled, Extreme Makeover, Viz Edition: The PICA Methodology for Creating Actionable Data Visualizations.


Q: Where does digital analytics sit in your organization and how does it interface with your business units?

A: This question no longer applies to me as I’m a consultant, but in my decade of working within organizations, digital analytics groups typically resided within the marketing, advertising, or technology departments.

They interfaced in different ways with business units depending on the nature of the relationship, but generally it functioned in an almost internal service agency capacity.

Lea_PicaQ: What’s the most valuable thing you learned in 2015? What’s the most important goal/trend for digital analysts to keep in mind in 2016?

A: Possibly the most valuable lesson I learned in 2015 is how much more I have yet to learn. When you become a consultant or self-proclaimed “expert,” there is a tendency to forget that you are on a journey.

You have much more to learn and understand about how to apply best practices and dogmatic rules within the construct of your own work. Every day I consider myself more the student and less the master.

Q: What’s the latest analytics method/process/tool set that you have implemented and what advice would you give others?

A: The most recent method tool I adopted this year was going back to basics and using Excel as a dashboard tool. A long time ago I jumped the Excel ship and tried to skip the line by going to Tableau, which I still love as a data exploration tool.

This year has been about developing a fundamental grasp of how to leverage Excel for dashboard creation in a way that I can bring with me to any organization.

My advice would be to learn to master the tools you’ll always have at your disposal like PowerPoint and Excel, and you’ll have a beautiful foundation for leveraging more sophisticated toolsets that may come and go.

Q: What do you wish you could tell your five-years-ago self about this industry?

A: I wish I could tell myself five years ago that the digital analytics community is indeed ready to receive my message about presenting data effectively and creating an impact within the organizations. I had this notion that either everyone in the space already knew principles of effective data visualization and presentation, or that no one cared about doing it right.

I was wrong on both fronts, and every day I am blessed to serve this audience with that message with guidance and compassion.

Q: Sneak preview: Please tell us a take-away that you will provide during your talk at the eMetrics Summit.

A: The key takeaway from my upcoming session is that there can be a concrete, repeatable framework you can apply for effective data storytelling. It doesn’t have to be an abstract idea; it can be a tangible tool. And my session will be empowering attendees with my exact toolbox.

My approach is not easily mastered in a day, but the beauty I see in the analyst journey is honing their ability to distill a vast amount of data into true insights that inform decisions and cement their indispensability.


Don’t miss Lea’s presentation, Extreme Makeover, Viz Edition: The PICA Methodology for Creating Actionable Data Visualizations, at eMetrics Summit, on Monday, April 4, 2016 from 10:30 to 11:15 am. Click here to register for attendance.


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