Got one of those emails last week that stopped me from doing whatever it was I was supposed to be doing before I even started looking at Twitter:

Good day!

I would like a little help convincing our company to send a couple of us to the eMetrics Summit. What would be the top 3  benefits to attend this conference for an analytics team from a digital advertising agency? Highly appreciate your response.

As a marketing guy, I’ve tried to be as clear about this as possible for 15 years. I have a link on the registration page to Funding Approval Success Tips (or: How To Convince Your Boss) that includes a Letter Template – fill in the blanks and make your case.

I’ve written more why-you-should-come emails, blog posts and tweets than I can count. But this was an interesting question because I’ve always written for the practitioner – never for the agency.

Why Should an Agency Send Their Analysts?

Great question.

Reason 1






Let’s start, I wrote,

…with the fact that there was only ONE service listed on your agency’s website that the eMetrics Summit probably won’t improve. Can you spot it?

Paid Search
Social media
Data Analytics

If you guessed “Incubation,” you get a thumbs up from me. Even as a dyed in the wool proponent of the conference, I have a little trouble figuring out how the eMetrics Summit is the right place for a not-ready-for-angel-investment business idea.

But every other service listed is made better by analytics, is proven by analytics or is analytics.

Reason 2






It’s the people.

I am money-back-guaranteed certain that your team will learn a couple of things. It’s inevitable. The speakers are top-notch and strive to live up to the eMetrics Summit’s history of delivering value.

On the other hand, I’m pretty sure you could just as easily trip over those nuggets in a blog post linked from Twitter. True, you will gain some insight into process and technology you didn’t have before, but the big deal is the people you will meet.

If you come to the eMetrics Summit, I said,

… you will meet like-minded people who are in your shoes, doing your work, and understand your point of view. That’s reassuring.

But then, you will meet people who can really help you in specific ways on specific projects with specific tools. This is a networking haven for those who revere data as it is applicable to marketing… with real results. That’s engaging.

You will also meet people who will impress you and represent recruiting opportunities. Where the heck do you find digital analytics professionals outside of LinkedIn… and can chat with them over lunch without them even knowing it’s an interview? That’s smart HR practice.

You will meet people whom you can help and that just feels good… and is good for business because some of them can turn into clients.

Finally, you will find people who will turn out to be life-time friends. I kid you not. That’s the biggest reason I  have been producing this conference for the past 15 years next to my insatiable curiosity about how the best and brightest are employing the latest and greatest tools to make my personal online experience better. Selfish, I know, but they do fill up my Facebook feed.

Reason 3






And finally, we’re giving away my latest book and I assure you it will make you, the data-loving marketing analyst, laugh out loud.


Does that help?

The response came back:

Ha, this is great Jim!

Appreciate it, makes my job pitching quite a bit easier.

Enjoy your weekend.

OK, I will.



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