The eMetrics Summit in Chicago is behind us but the hints and tips linger on. Any one of these is worthy of its own post, but I’m going to summarize here because… who has time?

So, here’s the Too Long ;Didn’t Read version of the most recent eMetrics Summit…


Data mechanics are getting more automated. From tag management to ETL, don’t let your children study data plumbing in school. It’s going the way of the buggy whip.

0501 buggy

Real time is real enough. Piping live data into a cloud-based storage and analytics platform and wrangling it fast enough to be responsive online has finally shown up. Yes, you need to be one of the vendors of said platform to really show off how that works… but it does work.

0502 real

30503 ship
All models are wrong. Some models are useful. Thanks to George Box, these words have helped countless marketers get past the Fear of Math and come to grips with the art of data. It’s not accounting, it’s statistics and statistics does not have to be scary.


0504 cone of prediction

Don’t expect the organization to get it all at once. Build confidence by building small models (like churn). Once you have created the line of history, you can convince them to trust the cone of prediction.


0505 prince5
Politics are forever. The joy of numbers is that are black and white while people come in all shades of gray and are much harder to read. There is still a divide between IT and analytics and between analytics and marketing. That’s life. Get over it and move forward.






0506 promote fired6
The only KPI’s that matter are those that will get somebody promoted or fired. The rest are merely interesting.





70507 big small
The Internet of Things is going to make Big Data look pitifully small. Until the next Thing.







80508 smell test
Machine Learning has some sweet spots but cannot (for the foreseeable future) step in for humans in very important ways:

Being cross-functional
Being adaptable

So start experimenting now and lean heavily on the smell test when reviewing results.



0509 important

Understand the personal values of analytics consumers. “I want to know X.” “Cool. What’s important to you about X?” You’ll know they’ve arrived at the right answer when their breathing deepens and slows.



0510 brand


Brand your organization. Come up with catchy names for specific reports or KPI’s that will appeal to people . Give your department a sports team name or a rock band name. Loosen up a little.

If only you had had 2 full days, in person,  to absorb all of this….
          New York             October 25 & 26, 2016
          Milan                    November 7, 2016
          Berlin                   November 8 & 9, 2016
          San Francisco     May 14 – 18, 2016


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