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Career Optimization

Boston, September 30-Oct 4, 2012

The goal of the dedicated digital analyst is to provide valuable, useful and unique insights to help drive an organization's decision-making and strategy. And then, to manage those who do. The best and the brightest end up running the place. Wherever you are on your journey from data gathering and report writing through advice dissemination to the executive suite, it's good to know how others got there before you. This track is full of guidance and examples of how to steer your own career course. All in all, it's all about you.

Moderator: Jennifer Veesenmeyer, VP, Digital Analytics, Merkle Analytics

Tuesday, October 2

We're Hiring! But Whom?

Shari Cleary, VP Strategic Insights & Research, Viacom Entertainment Group
Corry Prohens, Managing Consultant, IQ Workforce
You know how hard it is to find good analysts. But that doesn't mean you can engage in indiscriminate hiring. Which is larger: The lost opportunity cost or the expense of hiring, onboarding and training the wrong person? Shari imparts her wisdom gleaned from years of hunting, snaring and grooming analytics professionals in the wild. Corry shares his insights as a recruiter with stories of what it takes to make a great match.

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From Grasshopper to Digital Analytics Master

Michele Kiss, VP, Web Analytics, Grand Circle Corporation
Elizabeth Smalls, Web Analyst, Abercrombie & Fitch
Anne Cable, Analytics Manager, Dell
Digital Analytics is a relatively young industry and analysts are often unsure about how to position their development for career success. Michele (winner of DAA "Rising Star" award 2011) Elizabeth and Anne (winner of DAA "Rising Star" award 2012) impart helpful advice for growing and developing into analytics leaders. From practical tips for building your skills, to advice about choosing your focus, to learning the importance of building relationships, these "rising stars" will share their mysterious Kung Fu moves. Learn how they grew from grasshopper to master on their way to full Chuck Norrishood.

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What Makes a Successful Analytics Consultant?

Hila Strong, Director, Digital Intelligence, Keystone Solutions
Rachael Gerson, Lead, Analytics Division, Seer Interactive
Jennifer Veesenmeyer, VP, Digital Analytics, Merkle Analytics
Three experienced, successful, analytics consultants share their experience and the secrets to their success as outside experts. Each offers up three ideas about making a living as a professional insight miner, touching on awkward client relationships, dirty client data and the art of delivering bad news. It's then your turn to pepper these experts with questions about your career or your interactions with those who borrow your watch, tell you the time and then keep the watch.

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