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Metrics Management

Boston, September 30-Oct 4, 2012

Marketers have been devising ways to analyze, segment, integrate and optimize customer interactions since seashells and salt were used as currency. Since then, we've learned a few lessons about how to organize an analytics organization, how to slice through the silos, and how to account for multi-channel marketing, marketing mix modeling, brand equity measurement and so much more. Whether you are interested in changing the culture of your organization to be more data-driven or just keep your ducks in a row, this track delivers the insights for managing those who optimize.

Moderator: Eric Feinberg, Senior Director, Mobile,
Media & Entertainment, ForeSee

Monday, October 1

Optimize Your Optimization Program

Bill Bruno, CEO, Stratigent
You've got many layers of data to help understand your customers and website visitors, but the relevancy of that data remains a puzzle. Bill offers up some powerful data integration methods that allow you to turn multiple data sets into more meaningful, multi-dimensional pictures of your customers of their lifecycles. Using case studies and examples of data integrations Bill reveals how to learn more about your customers, remarket more effectively, personalize your messaging and drive traffic to the most important pages on your sites. You will change your whole approach to optimization after you see these new ideas for maximizing short-term wins while building a foundation for greater long-term success.

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Measuring Your Organization's Web Analytics Maturity

Stéphane Hamel, Director, Strategic Services, Cardinal Path
Back by popular demand, Stéphane steps back from traditional web analytics tactics and looks at the key drivers of successful analytics practices. From the essence of analytics (driving business success) to the most optimal and realistic approach to web analytics, Stéphane presents the Online Analytics Maturity Model – a holistic approach being adopted by practitioners, consultants and vendors worldwide as an effective approach to optimizing your online marketing optimization practices.

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Analytics Adoption in Real Life

Betsey Childress, Web Analyst, Intel
Leigh Ann Evans, Web Systems Specialist, The Nature Conservancy
Phil Kemelor, Vice President of Strategic Analytics, Semphonic
Kris Groulx, Web Analytics Manager, KPMG
Intel started from scratch to create digital dashboards that truly represent a wide spectrum of digital and offline channels. Betsey outlines the history of their efforts, shows how the internal landscape shaped the program, how they chose to frame their digital measurement and how the program has evolved over time. The Nature Conservancy faced serious challenges in turning a de-centralized team of online marketers into digital data analysts. Leigh Ann shares the success they achieved through a comprehensive and customized training program. In rolling out an international and localized analytics program, KPMG works with both company-wide and country specific marketers to help show the value of the digital channel as a lead generation and brand building engine. Kris describes, as a "one man band," how he has overcome barriers of acceptance through a mixture of formal and informal communication channels, knowing which battles to fight and prioritizing for "biggest bang for the buck" results.

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