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Mobile Marketing Metrics

Boston, September 30-Oct 4, 2012

It's in your customers' pockets: Instant access, instant response and instant gratification... but how do you measure the wide variety of ways people use mobile devices to shop, compare, buy and seek service? "The year of mobile marketing" may have arrived while you weren't watching. This track looks at mobile from the top down (mobile measurement strategy), from the inside out (mobile web & apps metrics) and from the outside in to help you analyze the return on mobile marketing investment.

Moderator: Greg Dowling, Vice President of Mobile Strategy & Measurement, Semphonic

Monday, October 1

Getting S.M.A.R.T. with Mobile Apps

Greg Dowling, Vice President of Mobile Strategy & Measurement, Semphonic
Strategy, Measurement, Analysis, Reporting and Tactics are an analyst's best friends. With mobile technologies putting the Internet in everyone’s pocket and with an expanding apps market taking the possibilities to dizzying new heights, these friends become crucial colleagues in an effort to make sense of it all. Now that mobile applications are assuming a central role in the Internet equation, the trick is to make sure your investment pays off. Greg focuses his fine consulting skills on describing the new metrics strategies required. Organizations need to get S.M.A.R.T with mobile apps - Greg is here to help.

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Mobile Search Tactics

Rachel Pasqua, Global Mobile Lead, iCrossing/Hearst
Search has gone local AND mobile. Local search accounts for 40% of all Google searches with estimates that, in the next 18 months, 15-30% of searches will take place on mobile devices. With this critical mass achieved, marketers have real opportunities to drive traffic via mobile phones, learn what you can do to attract customers and stay ahead of the competition. Rachel takes us inside the mobile search war room and provides insight into the state of the mobile search industry, paid and natural search strategies and tactics, and analytics and landing page optimization.

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Big Data Comes to Mobile - a Loyalty Card Perspective

Andy Miller, Director of Mobile Products, Constant Contact
Mobile marketing is creating an entirely new set of consumer data points that provide insight into everyday interactions and engagement - a marketer's dream. Translating that enormous amount of engagement data into useful, profitable insight can be difficult. Andy reveals how to leverage mountains of mobile marketing data to drive meaningful messaging and explores how marketers can most effectively master the mobile data tsunami.

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Tuesday, October 2

Mobile App Optimization - Going Beyond the Download

TJ Leonard, Mobile Product Marketing, Nuance Communications
So you've landed your App on the Top 25 list in the App Store and your downloads are through the roof. Unfortunately, 30% of your users will never open your app more than twice - if you're lucky. How do you optimize your mobile app user experience, keep users engaged, and drive repeat usage? Join TJ Leonard from Nuance (former Product Marketing Director at Vlingo) as he lays out the tactics, process, and measurement framework required to drive mobile application optimization and keep you users coming back!

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Big Data Analytics for Mobile/Social Game Monetization

Kimberly Chulis, Co-Founder, Consumer Scientist and CEO, Core Analytics, LLC and Game Loyalty
One barrier to nimble analytics exploitation in the mobile gaming world has been the sheer mass of in-play, leveling up, skill achievement and in-game purchase and peripheral data at the individual level. This is a job for Big Data Analytics. Kim introduces various Big Data and NoSQL warehousing and data storage options including Open Source technology such as Hadoop, Mahout, Cassandra/Mongo, and R. She shows how these can be combined with commercial analytics solutions to drive an integrated and repeatable player and game analytics infrastructure. Kim the gets practical by relating this technology with three specific game monetization models: Subscription, Ad Revenue, and Virtual Good Sales. You'll be one step closer to understanding Big Data in a mobile data world.

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Mobile Media Measurement - a Media Company Perspective

Blandon Casenave, VP, Digital Media Research & Analytics, NBC Universal
James Czekalski, Director, Product Development, Mobile Web, Viacom
Tom Ward, Web Analytics Manager, Financial Times
Mobile measurement experts from NBC, MTV and the Financial Times discuss mobile measurement tactics and strategy focused on the media industry. Measuring social, video, gaming, and content consumption is hard enough on the fixed web, but including the mobile web and mobile applications in the mix increases the effort by an order of magnitude. Hear how these media companies have architected their measurement solutions to optimize their mobile experiences across social, mobile, video, gaming, and location based services.

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