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Managing a data driven organization takes political, technical and personal knowledge and talent. Some of the biggest and most successful brands in the world step up to the podium and reveal how they make it happen, what challenges they face and their vision for the future. Learn how to create an analytics focused organization, how to slice through the silos and how to account for multi-channel marketing, marketing mix modeling and brand equity measurement. Whether you want to make your organization more data-driven or just keep your ducks in a row, the eMetrics Summit keynoters deliver insights for managing those who optimize.

Monday, September, 30, 9:20am – 10:15am •Harborview 2 & 3

Leveraging Reviews: Opinion is Money

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan, SVP of Strategy & Analytics, Hyatt Corporation

Hotels are primarily a service business where success and profitability are determined by the perceived quality of that service. Increasingly, hotel success is influenced by review sites such as Hotels.com, Expedia and Trip Adviser. Chris outlines how Hyatt makes the most of media mix models and a new form of sentiment analysis to “monetize” the impact of customer satisfaction – via predictive modeling. Enhance your understanding of the business relevance of social media as Chris shares his experience, and reveals his insights.

Monday, September, 30, 4:45pm – 5:30pm

Agile, Customer Centric and Data Driven: My Dream Venn Diagram

Stephanie Pike

Stephanie Pike, Vice President of Digital and Channel Sales, Ricoh USA

Dispersed data silos, recalcitrant technology, proliferating touchpoints, restrictive budgets, nay-sayers, old-schoolers and progressively demanding customers make managing cross-functional teams a worthy challenge. Stephanie delves into the B2B side of marketing, merchandising and brand management in a multi-device, omnichannel world. Learn what it takes to shape the people, process and technology across more than 70 websites at this $11 billion office supply giant, including the three most important things to know about tag management, what really works for mobile management at the moment and what it takes to bind Voice Of Customer data with behavioral data – at scale.

Tuesday, October, 01, 9:10am – 9:50am

Ninety Percent is Mental

Tim Zue

Tim Zue, VP, Business Development; SVP Business Operations, Boston Red Sox; Fenway Sports Management

Last year, members of the Digital Analytics Association spent an evening at Fenway Park with Tim. This year, Tim comes to us and shares his analysis of America’s favorite pastime. Fan surveys, ticket pricing, concession stand sales, parking prices and customer segmentation all help Tim keep his eye on the business side of the game.

Tuesday, October, 01, 4:15pm – 5:00pm

The Avinash Program & Owned Media KPIs at Unilever

Margaret DiGiorgioAlexandra Soubrier

Margaret DiGiorgio, Global Director Digital Marketing Services, Unilever
Alexandra Soubrier, Senior Manager Marketing Analytics, Unilever

When Avinash Kaushik tells your senior management they have a huge opportunity, his advice comes from extensive research into your industry, your company and your competition. Unilever took him at his word and set out to transform how they approached digital. A key component of the program was establishing new standards for Owned Media KPIs to provide transparency and drive optimization. Margaret and Alexandra share the ups and downs of their journey creating standards for Owned Media and some lessons learned from analyzing brand communication across Paid, Owned and Earned Media.

Wednesday, October, 02, 9:05am – 9:50am

From Data to Insights to Action in Real Life

Steve Petitpas

Steve Petitpas, General Manager, Microsoft.com, Studios & Event Marketing, Microsoft Corporation

Senior executives don’t want the details, but they do want to know how to raise revenue, lower costs, increase customer satisfaction and leverage employee talent. Steve shares the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat when communicating conclusions and driving decisions for positive business outcomes. Steve has researched the patterns of communication that got the right people to make the best decisions. If you’re meeting with executives to explain your analysis (and if not, then it’s time to start) Steve’s candid advice will help you make these meetings more successful.

Wednesday, October, 02, 4:20pm – 5:10pm

Coca-Cola Gets Social

Tim Goudie

Tim Goudie, Director of Social Media Sustainability Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company

Tim, a seriously switched-on marketing executive, helped introduce online marketing metrics and analytics to Global Interactive Marketing at The Coca-Cola Company. At the eMetrics Summit in 2006, he shared his personal journey of what it took to set that up. In 2008, he came back and gave us some insight into how this quintessential Brand corporation came to understand online measurement and determine how to connect it with selling soft drinks around the world. After a recent expatriate assignment in Cairo Egypt, he’s now returned to lead Social Media Sustainability Marketing. Tim reveals some of the successes and challenges global corporations face managing and measuring their brands in the socially digital world.

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