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Technology is seriously hard work but people and process are tricky. Finding good people and keeping them motivated in a hot market requires significant soft skills and substantial psychology. Planning and integrating new technologies, implementing solid processes, explaining the niceties of online analytics to senior executives, building a cost effective and high value analytics team – these things are not found in the manual. These are people skills you learn from people – in this track.

Moderators: Jesse Weissman, Web Analytics Manager, Staples.com
Tim Wilson, Partner, Web Analytics Demystified

Tuesday, October, 01, 11:30am – 12:10pm •Harborview 2 & 3

Search Marketing in the Boardroom: BI, ROI, Oh My!

Seth Besmertnik, CEO , Conductor

Seth Besmertnik

SEO programs must be run with the same level of accountability and predictability as paid search. They need advanced tools and technologies in place to measure the return on investment of their SEO efforts, drive executive visibility and buy-in for natural search budget and headcount, and create a predictable model for revenue growth from natural search. Seth discusses how SEO has evolved as a profession, the demand for real-time business intelligence and how SEO technology platforms have advanced. He uses real-world, Fortune 500 examples of combining business, marketing and search analytics data to gain total visibility into the success of their search programs.

Tuesday, October, 01, 1:30pm – 2:15pm •Harborview 2 & 3

The Art of Being an Analyst – and the Road to Management

Steen Rasmussen, Senior Partner and Scandinavian Online Optimisation Specialist, IIH Nordic

Steen Rasmussen

Being an Analyst offers new insight into business and an opportunity to shape the future of a company – but often the workday isn’t all that was promised in the job description. Krista reviews frustrations found in a day-in-the-life of an analyst and discusses ways to improve the work that you do. Steen then offers an operational framework around the analyst to help cut through some of the politics, lack of data and reporting by creating value. Together, Krista and Steen show how to reduce the amount of time needed to do the basics – to open the door to doing true actionable analytics. Practical cases, reflections and exercises help identify the barriers, hidden agents, drivers and many other factors that define the art of being an digital analyst – and pave the way to becoming an analytics manager.

Tuesday, October, 01, 2:20pm – 3:00pm •Harborview 2 & 3

Three Frameworks in Forty Minutes

Dylan Lewis, Group Manager, Web Measurement, Intuit
Carey Wilkins, Partner & President, Evolytics c/o Dr Pepper Snapple Group
Alex Langshur, Co-Founder & Senior Partner, Cardinal Path

Dylan LewisCarey  WilkinsAlex Langshur

Getting the work done well requires a roadmap. Whether you are trying to improve your hiring practices, your testing methods, your analytics maturity or getting your entire organization to embrace digital analytics for brand growth, these three cartographers outline the path from the seas of uncertainty, through the swamps of setbacks, up the slopes of hope to the pinnacle of best practices. Bring your own compass.

Tuesday, October, 01, 3:30pm – 4:10pm •Harborview 2 & 3

Running an Analytics Agency

Gary Angel, Partner, EY
Chris Goward, Co-Founder & CEO, WiderFunnel Marketing
Mark Ryan, Founder, Extractable

Gary AngelChris GowardMark Ryan

This panel of analytics agency executives have built up their practices from scratch. They offer up insight from managing analysts and managing clients to calculating cash flow. It takes unique skills to sell a product that is dependent on the client’s data quality, intellectual capacity and ability to realize that reality is often different from their expectations. If you run an analytics agency or contract with one, bring your questions for a very open, very genuine look at the Insights-As-A-Service business.

Wednesday, October, 02, 2:20pm – 3:05pm •Harborview 2 & 3

How to Build a Cost Effective, High Value Analytics Team

Gautam Madiman, Director Personalization, Customer Engagement and Business Intelligence, Lowe’s Home Improvement

Gautam Madiman

For years the digital analytics community had hoped for the evolution of the “super” analyst possessing the whole analytical toolkit: strong data management, integration and quality skills, analytical tool expertise, and the ability to translate business users’ requirements. This analyst would then combine those capabilities with the all-important ability to hypothesize and interpret the data to drive needle-moving action for the organization’s business. The reality is that today’s complex business requirements, and the explosion of analytical tools, make such “super” analysts very rare. Gautam shares how to build blended teams that incorporate critical business facing specialists in-house with highly skilled, offshore resources.

Wednesday, October, 02, 3:30pm – 4:15pm •Harborview 2 & 3

Web Optimization Process Management

Tim Wilson, Partner, Web Analytics Demystified

Tim Wilson

Consistently delivering business value requires more than tools. It requires instituting a repeatable process for identifying and prioritizing business questions, translating those questions into testable hypotheses, and applying the appropriate tools to reach actionable conclusions. In this session, Tim opens up his toolbox and shares his favorite tools, tips, and techniques for pivoting from “producing reports” to being the marketing department’s favorite partner.

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