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eMetrics StrategyFrom marketing mix modeling to managing your career

While other eMetrics tracks get functional, this track looks at your corporate analytics strategy: Understanding modeling and attribution, optimizing your optimization program, protecting customer privacy and mastering the art of meaningful scorecards and dashboards. You’ll also explore insights about career path options, hiring guidance and how to communicate insights better so you are more influential.

Moderators: Elizabeth Brady, Founder & Principal Web Analyst, EWB Analytics
Scott MacMillan, Director Digital Testing/Optimization, Fidelity Investments

Monday, September, 30, 10:40am – 11:20am •Harborview 2 & 3

Measuring Your Organization’s Web Analytics Maturity

Stéphane Hamel, Digital Analytics Thought Leader, Independent Consultant

Stéphane Hamel

Back by popular demand, Stéphane steps back from traditional web analytics tactics and looks at the key drivers of successful analytics practices. From the essence of analytics (driving business success) to the most optimal and realistic approach to web analytics, Stéphane presents the Online Analytics Maturity Model – a holistic approach being adopted by practitioners, consultants and vendors worldwide as an effective approach to optimizing your online marketing optimization practices.

Monday, September, 30, 11:25am – 12:10pm •Harborview 2 & 3

Analytics Strategy and Roadmap

Tony Stagg, Digital Analytics Lead, Covario

Tony Stagg

Getting an organization to adopt a data-driven strategy is the first step. Getting them to change their ways is another matter. Most people are unwilling to take a first step without a clear destination, complete with waypoints and specific hotels booked months in advance. Tony has charted out the journey in advance so that even the most timid executives can feel confident that the next step forward is in the right direction.

Monday, September, 30, 1:30pm – 2:15pm •Harborview 2 & 3

Data Credibility – Or Don’t Bother with Insights

Kevin Jemison, Digital Analytics Architect, Hilton Worldwide

Kevin Jemison

The value in Digital Intelligence is in the delivery of actionable, data driven recommendations for optimizing revenue and improving consumer experiences. But without sufficient confidence in the data, an organization is apt to discount the potential impact of those recommendations. Kevin shares data definition and management processes that can:

Ensure consistent, reliable and repeatable data

Increase the understanding of Web analytics data and reports

Fortify alignment between Web analytics tactics and big-picture goals

Augment the analysts’ integrity in the eyes of the organization

Monday, September, 30, 2:20pm – 3:05pm •Harborview 2 & 3

Becoming the Company Insight Wizard

Jim Sterne, Founder, eMetrics Summit

Jim Sterne

Optimizing content and leveraging promotions to drive traffic and generate conversions is the job. But the opportunity comes from combining your rich, search data with customer behavioral and attitudinal data to develop insights about the marketplace and the business. What can you do to make yourself a better analyst? What are the traits of the truly great? Knowing your raw materials, identifying the problem to be solved and becoming a data artist are just the start. Jim Sterne the way to becoming a highly valued and indispensable member of your organization.

Monday, September, 30, 3:30pm – 4:15pm •Harborview 2 & 3

Predicting Your Way to CMO

Gregory Ng, Chief Strategy Officer and CMO, Brooks Bell

Gregory Ng

As marketers begin to rely on predictive models to forecast business outcomes, a new problem merges: scaling one-to-one relationships with an emphasis on the human experience. Gregory offers a new set of metrics for success for today’s marketing programs, and proposes a new metrics framework for the data-driven CMO. He then offers five tips on how a senior-level analyst or marketing manager can master the latest trends and become successful leaders in today’s data-driven market. Are you ready to take the next step and become a data-driven CMO?

Wednesday, October, 02, 10:20am – 11:10am •Harborview 2 & 3

Strategy on a Shoestring

Dana Todd, Chief Marketing Officer, Aftermath

Dana Todd

Just five months ago, Dana became CMO of a national service company that does crime scene and trauma cleanup that’s at square one from a digital marketing perspective. Dana was one of the pioneers of the online marketing industry: Chairman of the Board of SEMPO, co-founder of an ad serving platform start-up, on the Board of the San Diego Software Industry Council and Global SVP of Publicis Groupe’s lead performance marketing agency. With all of the knowledge and experience of a gifted digital marketer and all the no-cost technology she could afford to implement, Dana was tasked with getting the most out of the least. In this session, she shares the advice she’s giving her toughest client: herself. Learn how she combed through records to revise their search, social media and direct mail campaigns. Learn about her content strategy and how she’s measuring outcomes. Want to know how to develop a strategy without a budget? You came to the right session.

Wednesday, October, 02, 11:15am – 12:00pm •Harborview 2 & 3

Analytics Governance – a Conversation

Balaji Ram, Vice President, Global Analytics, BI & Optimization, RetailMeNot, Inc.
James Niehaus, VP of Digital Analytics & Strategy, Ensighten
Steve Petitpas, General Manager, Microsoft.com, Studios & Event Marketing, Microsoft Corporation

Balaji RamJames NiehausSteve Petitpas

Who owns the systems? Who owns the data? Who owns the analysts? Should analytics be Centralized? Distributed? Democratized? Not all organizations are alike. Governance models must adapt to fit the industry, size of the organization and the corporate culture. Some of the most experienced analytics executives grace our stage to discuss the trickier parts of planning, growing and governing a data-driven organization.

Wednesday, October, 02, 1:30pm – 2:15pm •Harborview 2 & 3

Big Data & Attribution

Ned Kumar, Interactive Marketing Strategist, FedEx

Ned Kumar

Understanding cross-channel attribution is critical to gaining a comprehensive view of all touchpoints delivering value to consumers and to gleaning true insights into consumer intelligence. Ned describes a FedEx strategy to juice out insights from Big Data – Attribution. Customer valuation, optimal resource allocation and delivering relevant messages that are consistent across the various channels, platforms and touchpoints are the goal. Ned charts out the journey that created new pathways to customer intelligence and how those insights were used to further improve future go-to-market approaches.

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