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Leveraging technology for marketing optimization
From A/B split and multivariate testing to data diving and predictive analytics, marketing by the numbers means having a good grasp of the ins and outs of data capture, data integration and data mining. Getting a handle on the technology is a must for those with their hands on the wheel and critical for those who manage technologists. Fear not; eMetrics Summit experts and practitioners use plain business language to explain how to collect data and how data from any source can be used to optimize your marketing.
Moderators: James Standen, Founder, nModal solutions
Todd Schauman, Manager, Digital Analytics, The Christian Science Monitor

Tuesday, October, 07, 11:30am – 12:10pm •Room: Harborview 2
Applying good Analytics Practices Across Polar Opposite Industries

Leonardo Ruiz, Sr. Analyst, Web Analytics, FCB-HudsonGlobal
Leonardo shows how Good Analytics practices often transcend across industries regardless how different these may seem.
He demonstrates this by showing how his leanings in the Wireless space – from Online to Offline attribution, CRM campaigning, back-end tracking applications amongst others are helping connect dots in the Pharma Industry.

Tuesday, October, 07, 1:30pm – 2:15pm •Room: Harborview 2
A/B Testing from the Ground Up

Valerie Lambert, Manager, Digital Analytics , American Medical Association
How do you get from zero to hero? Valerie shares her A/B split testing journey from the very beginning and walks through her experience with research, convincing, tool selection, implementation and the occasional bump in the road. Learn how A/B testing gets started and how you can make the most of it with the help of a Digital Analytics Round Table and a Hypothesis Library.

Tuesday, October, 07, 2:20pm – 3:05pm •Room: Harborview 2
Tomorrow’s Analytics Tools

Allison Hartsoe, President & Consulting Partner, Allison Hartsoe LLC
It can take months to implement digital analytics tracking through the IT release cycle and then weeks to repair if at some future point the code breaks. But now a small herd of start-ups have developed “modern analytics” tools that act like digital data vacuums. Every click, swipe and tap is ready for you to slice, dice and automate. What insights will you divine when a custom, visitor-level combination of events can trigger emails, post messages or kick off hyperpersonalization driven by the unification of social media streams? How will you make the most of a machine learning tool that takes over charting and plotting the most interesting data and then providing an automated, intelligent, animated voice over that describes in 2 minutes the most salient points? Allison offers some insight into your analytical future.

Tuesday, October, 07, 3:30pm – 4:15pm •Room: Harborview 2
Accelerating Your Testing Program Through Cultural Change

Krista Seiden, Product Marketing Manager, Google
Creating a culture of optimization from scratch in a large Enterprise organization is no easy task. Krista walks through best practices for A/B testing, with key takeaways for large organizations who are just getting into the optimization game. She also offers up tips for more established testing programs to try out. Educating teammates, showing & evangelizing big wins, and leading an organization mindset shift are key steps to taking your business to the next level of insights & growth.

Wednesday, October, 08, 2:20pm – 3:05pm •Room: Harborview 2
How NPR Built an Analytics System for All of Public Radio

Steve Mulder, Director of User Experience & Analytics, NPR
Michelle Bellettiere, Senior Manager of Digital Analytics, NPR
Building a tag management system and dashboards within an enterprise can feel a bit like herding cats. In NPR’s case, those lovely felines are independent public radio stations across the country, all using Google Analytics a bit differently. Steve and Michelle share how NPR built a system that simultaneously made tagging easier and more advanced, focused on the metrics that matter most to public radio, aggregated data from multiple sources, and enabled radio stations to compare their metrics to other stations like them. See their custom-built tag management system and reveals tag improvements and creative event tracking that are really paying off. This dynamic duo also shares lessons learned about creating an analytics offering for a distributed enterprise environment.

Wednesday, October, 08, 3:30pm – 4:15pm •Room: Harborview 2
Data-Driven Storytelling: Tips from the Tableau Iron Viz Champion

Ryan Sleeper, Manager of Data Visualization & Analysis, Evolytics
If you work in a corporate setting, “Just the facts ma’am” may be a popular guiding principle of your KPI dashboard design. While the data should always be at the heart of your reporting, Ryan Sleeper, Tableau Iron Viz Champion and data visualization evangelist, discusses balancing attractive design with functional requirements to boost organizational adoption, increase stakeholder interactivity, and escalate the business value of your dashboards. Throughout the session, Ryan shares innovative examples of interactive visualizations and how components of each one can be incorporated into your own work. Along the way, he walks through how to build popular corporate chart types to ensure you’ll be ready to improve your data-driven storytelling as soon as you return to the office!

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