Visualization and Storytelling — The New Big Data Skill

Lee Feinberg
Lee Feinberg

Founder and President


Boston Workshop – Sunday, September 27 – full day – 9:00am to 4:30pm
Room: Harborview 3

“No matter how big your data, you must master visualization and storytelling to influence business decisions.”

Data visualization is the new communication medium – not the activity of making charts, and definitely not text-dense documents. Learn how to structure a visual story, how to apply the foundations of visual language, and how to work closely with your audience.

Instructor: Lee Feinberg, Founder and President, DecisionViz

Frame the story

Be clear on your message

  • Intent vs. charts of data
  • Know your audience
  • Consider the delivery method
Structure your story

  • A reference framework
  • Write your outline
  • Titles first, then visuals

Language of visual stories

The building blocks of visualization

  • Understanding the six core traits
  • Deep dive on properly using color
  • Case studies: terrible visuals reimagined
Stories you may need to tell

  • Trends and Relationships
  • Comparisons, Range of Values
  • Differences, Targets vs. Actuals

Write the story

Learn to storyboard / Exercise

  • Applying lean development principles
  • Using the Viz Listener’s Worksheet™
  • Act like a visualization expert

Workshop Pricing

Early Bird – until 8/14
Regular – until 9/26

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