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Jim Sterne: one man quote machine.

Andrew Janis
General Mills

Excited to hear the mobile experiences of attendees.

Jerie Dahlman
Allstate Insurance

Boot Camp 101: I’ve been doing this for 3 years and I still learned stuff. Wish I could’ve taken it when I first started.

Rob Norton

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Love when the speakers show examples of their work.

Kirstii Compton

The roundtable session was informative and fun.

Kennen Choiniere

Great keynote speakers from B2B Industries. Looking forward to more great knowledge.

Asad Halim
BNSF Railway

I always learn new things at eMetrics.

Ronny Kohavi, Partner Architect, Online Services Division,

Excellent experience, great content, learned a lot, met some really intelligent people and will definitely recommend it to anyone interested in the field of Digital Marketing.

Sachin Makhija

eMetrics is a great event to network, learn, share and get inspired from the success of others.

Michele Kiss
Web Analytics Demystified

My first eMetrics Summit. Was everything I thought it would be, and much more!

Jim Lollar
BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

eMetrics reassured me I am doing things right but inspired me to do them even better!

Sharon Flynn

eMetrics once again delivered a fire hose of new ideas, great people and community.

James Standen
nModal Solutions

My first eMetrics was a blast and packed with valuable learning. Definitely will not be my last.

Bryan Olshock
Red Door Interactive

eMetrics is the best vendor neutral event in digital analytics – it can’t be beat for learning across a broad range of perspectives, industries and technologies.

Chris Johannessen
TPG Direct Omnicom DAS

After three years without attending eMetrics I have to say that I have enjoyed it very much as always. Personally this Summit has exceeded my expectation. Thank you to Jim and all the Rising Media team!

René Dechamps Otamendi
Mind Your Privacy

eMetrics is a must-attend event for me. As someone who specializes in emerging platforms, being on top of the most progressive thinking in analytics is essential for me and I always walk away from eMetrics with new ideas to put into practice.

Rachel Pasqua

I thought I was crazy about digital analytics, my assumptions were confirmed this week at eMetrics.

Stephane Hamel
Cardinal Path

eMetrics once again brought together a great collection of top industry minds to share how they’re grappling with the increasing variety of analytics challenges we’re facing.

Tim Wilson
Resource Interactive

Lots of great people. Really helped me figure out where I fit in within the analytics ecosystem.

Adam Resnick

It was wonderful — I came back with lots of new ideas and energized to move ahead on a number of initiatives. I really like the mixture of big successes in the keynotes with the smaller sessions that are more focused on inquiry and process. You have put together a winning formula. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to participate in this terrific event.

Amanda Watlington
City Square Consulting

More than worth the cost.

Dan Hoffman

This experience opened my eyes to a wide range of Web analytics measurements that go far beyond page views, unique visitors, and clickthroughs. I now believe that Web analytics is best served by a combination of metrics sources, including even “soft” measures such as buzz monitors (which I learned about there). Since attending eMetrics,, I have subscribed to a number of RSS feeds of blogs, forums, and news — all about Web analytics. I look forward to reading them almost daily, and learn something every time I do.

Diane Hoag
Team Lead, IBM developerWorks Web Analytics

Thanks for hosting such an outstanding conference. I must admit, I didn’t know how much value eMetrics would provide, but I took away a number of new learnings that I found to be quite valuable. So thank you again for putting on the conference and delivering so much more than expected!

Errol Hau

Thanks for putting on a great conference. It was great to hear what others had to share. I hope to be getting more of my colleagues to sign up for future shows.

David Yoakum
Gap Inc. Direct

The recommendation to attend is among the best career advice I’ve received to date. I thought the conference was amazing and I learned a ton! I have definitely changed my approach to my role here. Seriously, I would tell all of my friends to go to an eMetrics Summit “as-is”. Many thanks for putting together such a wonderful conference and community.

Lori McNeill

One of the reasons I came to the show was to find potential vendors that could help us with our needs, so the exhibit set up was great. and I really appreciated the 2 minute “rapidfire” vendor explanation session. Incredibly valuable and helped me find a couple of potential vendors that I may have missed if I just wandered from booth to booth.

Alex Nathanson

I love listening to compelling people just talk about the way they solve problems–just hearing how they process the information is of great value.

Dean Abbott
Abbott Analytics

Great job on the conference. It’s definitely the best conference I have been to in years.

Michelle Farr

I attended the eMetrics San Jose and I cannot describe how much I enjoyed every moment of it… so thank you very much…

Allaedin Ezzedin

I just wanted to express to you how much I got out of the eMetrics Summit in San Jose last week. This was my first eMetrics, and it was wonderful meeting of so many dedicated people who “get it”. I liken web analytics to financial accounting of the web product world. Our company’s front line to understanding our products, customers, users, and businesses. The folks I met last week, who were either doing, or preparing to get started in multivariate testing were most helpful in my understanding how to best take advantage of the these tools unique to our industry. Hearing from people “just like me”, who are working to improve the usability of their web products, is invaluable.

Paul Terry

The Scene: Me, back from eMetrics.
The Location: Office of the Executive VP.
The Topic: I casually drop by, to discuss my interest in links.
Me: …if we can get links from sites like that….
Exec VP: [doesn’t understand, but pretty much glad to see anyone this excited about something] Me: …that’s why links are so important.
Exec VP: [eyes go to 5% glazed over] Me: …so that’s why I’m so interested in 301 redirects.
Exec VP: [eyes go to 10% glazed over] Me: ….it’s a pretty obscure topic.
Exec VP: [eyes now 15% glazed over] Me: …[thinking fast] …but anyway, I’ll shield you from all that. What’s important is that you give me education and resources, I’ll give you business.
Exec VP: [eyes clear, smiles, expression says, “This guy gets it.”] Me: …[turn to leave] Exec VP: Great to have you back!
So thanks Jim. : )
This really happened.

Gregory Moore

It is so exciting to see a major part of future web business unfolding and be part of it…

Natalie Spence, Web Analyst
Business Objects, Vancouver, BC

With a half day still to go, everyone I’ve talked with seems to view the event as a great success in terms of information shared, value delivered and networking opportunities. eMetrics succeeds again in creating an environment for professionals who share a common passion for analytics, multivariate testing, optimization and the pursuit of knowledge through customer interactions.

John Lovett
Web Analytics Demystified

The conference was fantastic, I really learned a lot and it was a great chance to connect with industry peers.

Blake Harrison,
Senior Manager Marketing Optimization and Customer Experience,
Charming Shoppes

Hands-down the most valuable, informative conference I have attended in the past 10 years.

Jeremy Cooker, Consultant,
New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corp.

Frankly, I did not expect to gain a better understanding of the concepts of Web analytics like this by participating in this event. Although I did not notice it immediately after returning to Japan, I found myself looking at things from new perspectives when I returned to the workplace. The subtitle of this eMetrics Summit is “The Big Picture.” And indeed, I seemed to obtain this bird’s-eye view.

Mitsue-Links Column
Toshihiro Nishikawa, Mitsue Web Consulting

Well, it’s over and I am tired.
It was a great event. My head is still spinning.

Clint Ivy
Instant Cognition

Jim Sterne’s eMetrics Summits are a premier destination for learning about all things Web Analytics. I have spoken at past eMetrics summits and am a Net Promoter of the events (eMetrics DC ’06 reflections).

Avinash Kaushik
Occam’s Razor

The eMetrics Summit in DC that I came back from tonight was, without question, the best conference I have attended. The people I met at the eMetrics Conference were FANTASTIC – everyone I talked with. The Speakers were better in who came to the Summit than what I heard at (other conferences) this year; and they actually talked about REAL STUFF – stuff they’re really doing and the problems they are having with it…

Marshall Sponder

So my impressions of eMetrics overall is, to some extent, one of sensory overload and it will take me a bit of time to process it all. This has actually been my sixth eMetrics Summit and we have both come a long way since the first one I attended in Santa Barbara in 2003, sitting in a room with 80 other people. This event has obviously been a lot bigger with more people and more speakers. But it has also made more impact because we are not focussing on the data that comes out of a web analytics system and debating to death the differences between logfile analysis versus page tagging. Web analytics is necessary but not sufficient. The issues have moved on and the good news is, so has this conference.

Neil Mason, Applied Insights

The October 2006 Washington DC eMetrics Summit was ground breaking in terms of its size and its breadth of focus. These eMetrics Summit reviews are becoming a tradition on my part, but there was something quite special about the industry maturity and scale that this conference reflected.

Vicky Brock of HBR
Web Analytics Scotland

I don’t often write, “And then I did this, and then I did that…” but I wanted to share all the cool things that happen at the eMetrics Summit in between the “scheduled” learning. Two months ago, in fact, I wrote Jim Sterne and asked him for more structured mentoring at the Summit but he wrote, it really happens by itself. And he was right: (read the rest)

Robbin Steif

Thanks for an enlightening conference, at an elegant venue, with a high schmooz factor.

Guy Creese, Former Research Director,
Internet Analytics, Aberdeen Group

The eMetrics Summit in Santa Barbara was a big hit. I’m always amazed by the enthusiasm and openness that practitioners … have about their craft. …There is a great bursting of excitement when you get to talk to others who really understand and appreciate what you do all day. There was way too much great information presented to try to summarize here, but here are my three top take aways.

Paul Strupp, Sun Microsystems
Web Analytics Analyzed

Thanks again for a great conference. It was awesome. The conference moved along beautifully, the food was great, the location was fantastic, the way you broke up the time between formal presentations and the discussion groups was also great.

Kristin Zhivago President,
Zhivago Marketing Partners

Hands down the best event: Great presentations, Great accommodations, Great conversation.

Eric Peterson
Web Analytics Demystified

I really enjoyed hearing how small orgs do digital analytics in terms of projects and tools.

Kevin Kauzlaric
Kauzlaric Consulting

Great speakers.

Tom Miller

Love the organization behind this conference!! And so much learning.

Kara Johnson
Career Builder



The most experienced, knowledgeable people in the world of online marketing reveal their wisdom and insight about leveraging data for competitive advantage – each one a can’t-miss presentation.

Cornerstones Track

Frameworks, strategies, blueprints, tricks and tips. Major brands and leading consultants impart their best advice for collecting, integrating, testing, correlating and making the most of online data.

Applied Science Track

From change management to data governance and from analytics maturity to advanced visualization, this cadre of authorities covers the management side of getting the biggest bang from big data.

Buzz Alliance

Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen – From the start in 2002, the eMetrics Summit has been the place to discuss and share our common problems. These are your people – they understand your situation. Share your problems with like-minded professionals is your path to answers, and a little empathy.

The One Weird Trick I Wish I’d Known Sooner – Time to pay it forward by sharing the best advice you’ve got. This isn’t just for laughs, the best tip wins cash. Your table will have 30 minutes to share tips and decide which one is the very best… and then it’s an open competition. The entire audience will choose which hint, tip, trick or recommendation deserves the eMetrics Summit Top Tip Award and a crisp, new $100 bill.

Speed Networking

It’s time to get serious about growing your network. You’ll have one minute to give your elevator pitch and one minute to get to know your neighbor. When the bell rings, it’s time to switch and meet the next one. The very best way to meet the most people in the least time to find those you want to connect with further. If you value your career, bring a stack of business cards and get ready to introduce yourself.

Networking is Job One

Breakfast, Lunch, Breaks and Receptions are your chance to grow your network. Do not hide in the corner or think your email is more important than meeting people!

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