eMetrics Strategy Chicago 2014

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eMetrics StrategyMarketing Mix Modeling to Managing Your Career
It’s time to take a hard look at your corporate analytics strategy: Understanding marketing mix modeling and attribution, optimizing your optimization program, protecting customer privacy and mastering the art of meaningful scorecards and dashboards. You’ll also explore insights about career path options, hiring guidance and how to communicate insights better so you are more influential.

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Tuesday, June, 17, 10:45am – 11:30am •Room: S102BC

Information Mapping

William Flaiz, President, Blue Big Wheel

William  Flaiz

When lost in the data, sometimes an information map is what you need, learn what it takes to make one.

Tuesday, June, 17, 11:35am – 12:20pm •Room: S102BC

Web Optimization Process Management

Tim Wilson, Partner, Web Analytics Demystified

Tim Wilson

Consistently delivering business value requires more than tools. It requires instituting a repeatable process for identifying and prioritizing business questions, translating those questions into testable hypotheses, and applying the appropriate tools to reach actionable conclusions. In this session, Tim opens up his toolbox and shares his favorite tools, tips, and techniques for pivoting from “producing reports” to being the marketing department’s favorite partner.

Tuesday, June, 17, 2:30pm – 3:15pm •Room: S102BC

Launching a Data-driven B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Robb MacDonald, Director of Marketing Analytics, SAP

Robb MacDonald

Delivering the right content, to the right audience, at the right time is easier said than done. Getting there requires a clear measurement and optimization strategy. Robb helps you develop a systematic, data-driven approach to content marketing strategy and execution, taking into account the key people, processes, and technology that must align to effectively optimize content for the purpose of lead nurturing and the acceleration of pipeline impact. Attend this session to be inspired and learn the tools and techniques needed to put the “data-driven” into your content marketing strategy.

Tuesday, June, 17, 3:45pm – 4:30pm •Room: S102BC

Your Analytics Career: Hiring and Getting Hired

Erica Seidel, Executive Recruiter, The Connective Good
Elizabeth Eckels, Director of Data Analysis, Dynamit

Erica SeidelElizabeth  Eckels

The best and the brightest digital analysts end up running the place. Wherever you are on your journey from data gathering and report writing through advice dissemination to the executive suite, it’s good to know how others got there before you. Erica and Liz are full of guidance and examples of how to steer your own career course. All in all, it’s all about you.

Wednesday, June, 18, 11:15am – 12:00pm •Room: S102BC

Back From the Dead – Reviving Your Web Analytics Program

Adam Greco, Senior Partner, Web Analytics Demystified

Adam Greco

During your career in digital analytics, you will undoubtedly encounter a time in which the web analytics program you manage or participate in takes a turn for the worse. Common culprits are employee turnover, new leadership or simply being hired into a new company where the analytics program has devolved over time. Adam shares a step-by-step guide for bringing ailing web analytics programs back to life, based upon his experience turning accounts around while at Omniture (Adobe), as the Director of Web Analytics at Salesforce.com and now as a senior partner at Web Analytics Demystified.

Wednesday, June, 18, 1:30pm – 2:15pm •Room: S102BC

Emotional Engagement and Brand Perception

Tammy Everts, Performance Evangelist, Radware

Tammy Everts

This is your brain. This is your brain on a mobile site with throughput throttled just enough to frustrate the heck out of you. This is your brain thinking about all the tests you could run if you had your own lightweight, wireless EEG braincap to directly but passively monitor brain activity in your customers as they interact with your digital assets. Tammy describes a mobile web stress test conducted to gauge the impact of network speed on emotional engagement and brand perception. Neural marketing has escaped the lab and has found its way into practical applications.

Wednesday, June, 18, 2:20pm – 3:05pm •Room: S102BC

Increasing Customer Engagement and Loyalty Using Clickstream Data

Adam Tarkowski, Principal, Think Big Analytics

Adam  Tarkowski

Ron shares the vision for Big Data at a leading financial services firm, the complications they’ve encountered and the successes they’ve enjoyed since designing a new Big Data architecture to increase customer interactions and customer loyalty. Learn about the tools and platforms deployed, as well as an advanced clickstream case study that demonstrates the competitive advantage data science and engineering yields for one of the largest mutual fund and financial services groups in the world.

Wednesday, June, 18, 3:40pm – 4:25pm •Room: S102BC

Five Big Analytics Project Lessons

Jim Cain, Founder and President, Napkyn

Jim Cain

Jim walks through five cases where positive results offered the additional benefit of Big Lessons applicable to most analytics efforts:

* What not to do when building all the social media performance reporting for a major coffee retailer.

* How to cram everything into a framework for leveraging and evolving pan-session marketing attribution models (including offline things like catalog.

* How to use data to get your team or client to move to responsive design.

* How to make the CEO thank the VP, Digital for a job well done (The “You’re Welcome” Report).

* How to use the CFO’s forecast to power an effective eCommerce performance report.

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