Google Analytics Core Competencies and Expert
Techniques for Business Impact

GoogleChicago, Thursday, June 19, 2014

Among the many millions of organizations worldwide that have installed Google Analytics on their websites, relatively few are using it for its intended purpose: to increase leads, sales, and visitor satisfaction.

The seeming simplicity of Google Analytics can be deceiving. Without some specialized knowledge and crucial techniques, your Google Analytics reports are not likely to be complete or fully actionable.

This intensive, outcome-focused, hands-on course distills the essential skills that you need to use Google Analytics for data-driven insight, confident action, and steady improvement of your website’s bottom-line performance.

Curriculum highlights:

  • Overview of latest capabilities including demographic reports, Universal Analytics, mobile analytics and content optimization
  • “ABC” reporting framework: Acquisition, Behavior, Conversions
  • Best practices for Google Analytics Universal tracking code and Google Tag Manager
  • Identifying top-performing pages and performance drains
  • Isolating abandonment points with goals and funnels
  • Ecommerce reporting for detailed purchase data
  • Advanced filtering and segmentation for better audience insight
  • Capturing critical non-pageview activity (such as downloads and video plays) with events and virtual pageviews
  • Channel attribution and campaign tracking for the many traffic sources (such as email and pay-per-click) that are not correctly recorded by default
  • A/B testing with Google Analytics Content Experiments

Who should attend:

  • Marketers responsible for generating greater ROI from search engine optimization, paid search, email, display and other marketing initiatives
  • Analysts and developers who need to understand and improve performance of Ecommerce and informational websites
  • Managers and executives seeking a comprehensive, business-focused overview of Google Analytics
  • New-to-intermediate Google Analytics users

For the workshop:

  • A laptop or tablet is strongly recommended though not required.
  • Full, administrative access to an existing Google Analytics account is recommended.  If you do not have a Google Analytics account, the instructor can provide access to a test account on the day of training.

Attend this workshop to learn how you can break through passive or deficient reporting and use Google Analytics to drive measurable, long-term performance improvement.

Instructor: Eric Fettman, Analytics Instructor and Coach, E-Nor

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